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Repairing Burnt or Melted Carpet

Repairing Burnt or Melted Carpet

Posted by on March 20, 2014

Burn and melted spots on the carpet happen. Candles can tipped over onto the floor, the ironing board can take a spill, it is not uncommon for hot items to find their way to your floor leaving unsightly black burn marks and melted fibers in your carpets. There is a way to take care of these areas without having to replace the entire carpet.

For tiny and small burn areas simply snip the burnt fibers out with a small pair of scissors. Manicure and medical scissors are great for this repair project. Once you have removed the burnt area find an area of carpet out of sight to take a transplant from such as a closet or under a piece of big furniture. Use strong glue like super glue (just make sure the glue is made to work with the material of your carpet you don’t want to accidentally damage the carpet further) to adhere the new piece into place. Once the glue is dry snip the fibers to the same length as the surrounding carpet if necessary and vacuum.

For larger burn areas you will need a spare piece of carpeting. When your home’s carpet was installed they probably left you with the scraps this is why those scraps are good to keep around. Use a carpet knife to carefully cut out the burnt area without cutting into the padding. Vacuum any debris left behind. Use the cut out piece as a stencil for the new piece you will cut out of the spare carpet. Apply adhesive such as super glue to the area of missing carpet and match up the piece to be transplanted with the pile and pattern of the surrounding carpet. Press the new piece in gently but firmly and block it off so that no one steps on it. Allow at least 24 hours for the glue to dry and vacuum.

If you are uncomfortable making repairs on your own a carpet cleaning professional can help.

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