Rug Doctor is Not What the Doctor Ordered

You have probably seen the big red rentable carpet cleaner machines at grocery and home stores. You may have even considered purchasing your own home steam cleaning machine. These devices seem handy and more budget friendly than a professional carpet cleaning, but how well do they really work?Rug Doctor is not What the Doctor Ordered

Here are some facts about those intriguing do it yourself carpet cleaning machines:

You think to yourself it is time to clean the carpets- maybe there are a few stains that need some special attention, or maybe it has just been a while and your floors are beginning to look dingy and worn out so you decide to do it yourself because the timing is right and it may save a little money.

These carpet machines are much much smaller than the professional ones they are supposed to replace. In their defense they have to be small in order to be DIY, the user needs to be able to lift the machine in and out of their vehicle upon rental and not take up too much room in the store. A smaller machine however means a sacrifice in other areas.

Rentable machines have smaller fresh water and waste collection tanks. This means more filling and dumping on the operator’s part. Most DIY carpet cleaning machines can only clean half of an average size room before the tanks need to be emptied and refilled. This requires more work and time wasted compared to a professional carpet cleaner who can clean more than one home before needing to empty and refill tanks. A professional can clean the same home in a fraction of the time and as an added bonus the home owner does zero hard labor!

Smaller machines are limited in suction power as compared to big truck mounted professional cleaning equipment. Less power means lower water pressure and lower suction. High pressure allows the carpet cleaner to blast away the toughest dirt and grime in your carpets and tile grout too. Higher vacuum sucking power means much faster dry times and less chance of too much moisture in the floors when operated by a trained and skilled technician. Too much moisture in carpets is a huge cause of carpet cleaning mishaps.

When you rent a carpet cleaner you are recommended to use the cleaning solution made by the machine’s manufacturer. There is no guarantee that this will be the proper cleaner for your floor. Hiring a reputable carpet cleaning company will assure that you have a trained professional who knows just the right cleaner for you floor and any stains. Hiring a green cleaner provides an added bonus with no harsh chemicals used.  

For the best clean of your floors you need a trustworthy pro. All Kleen offers fast friendly service and a satisfaction guarantee. Make an appointment online today.

Thank you to Tina Droessler for her guest post this week! Tina knows a little something about the proper way to clean a house as she is a real estate agent in Palm Desert and constantly reminds her sellers on how to keep their home clean during a showing. Image by Shardayyy Flickr