Tips for Purchasing Rugs

Rugs can do wonders for your home. Not only are they decorative and beautiful they can help to protect your floors. When set in high traffic areas they can  help prevent wear on your flooring. There are many different types of rugs on the market today; so how do you know if you are buying a quality item that will last a while? Below are some rug purchasing tips.

  • Find the Right Company Tips for Purchasing Rugs

Not long ago the only place to find a quality woven rug was in a gallery. Today you can purchase a good rug from many different sources, especially now that cheaper rugs have made their way into the marketplace. Of course, the place to find a rug of high quality that will last you a lifetime is not at a big box store like Target or Costco or Home Depot. The best places to buy quality rugs are:

Galleries- yes there are still a few of these around. The thing to be wary of is any gallery advertising a going out of business sale. Most of the time a going out of business sale is going to have flawed merchandise that was brought in for a “tent sale.” The best place to find a good rug gallery is through referral especially if you are referred by a rug cleaner. They know their stuff and have seen many rugs from many different places they can definitely tell you who is selling quality textiles.

Furniture and Flooring Stores- Rugs do wonders to finish off a room or add color as well as protect the floor so, of course, these stores are going to sell them. There are some things to be careful with when purchasing a rug in one of these stores, but keep reading and you will find out. As long as you are knowledgeable you can find a great rug in a furniture or flooring store.

Antique and Consignment Stores- this is the place to find those hidden gems. Sometimes you can get an heirloom quality rug for a really great price. Be prepared to maybe restore a rug to former glory as they could be a little worn or mistreated but with the right eye and a good cleaning you may find a treasure.

  • Find the Right Rug

A good rug has been made from the best materials. If you are looking for a high quality rug that will last you want to look for good fibers, dyes, and construction.

Fiber: the best fiber for a rug is wool, even a low quality wool rug will outlast any synthetic. Make sure to run your fingers along the wool if it feels brittle you want to choose something else. Silk is a great choice but it is costly. Silk is very strong but not so stain friendly so these may be best for hanging on the wall as a tapestry. If you are looking for a cheaper option that is going to get beat up synthetic would be an ok choice. Synthetics do ugly faster and will not hold up to stains as long as natural fibers.The best synthetic fibers are nylon, olefin, acrylic, and polyester. Rug fibers you want to avoid include rayon, sisal, and jute.

Dyes: the main component in looking for good dyes is if they are colorfast. The best way to know if a rug is colorfast or not is to inspect the backing for bleeding and running and having the dealer perform a colorfast test in front of you.

Construction: ti is very important to know a thing or two about rug construction because it makes a difference in rug quality. The best quality rugs are woven rugs. You can tell if a rug is woven by flipping it over. If the design is the same on the back as the front the rug is woven. Hand woven rugs are knotted to threads usually making up the tassels. Machine woven rugs have fabric wrapped around the weft and tassels added on later. Tufted  rugs have a backing, these are not so high quality but are still better than purchasing an outrageous custom rug that is impossible to clean.

  • Paying the Right Price

It is not an uncommon question for someone to wonder what they should pay for a good rug. Rug prices are all over the spectrum. Rugs prices are not that different from real estate prices, they are based on location, quality, age, and demand. A safe price to pay for a quality rug is about $10 a square foot. It is hard to get taken advantage of paying $10 a square foot. Ultimately if a rug is one you love the value is what you are willing to pay.

Rugs are so useful for so many things in the home especially protecting floors and adding beauty. If you invest in a good high-quality rug and care for it properly it will probably live longer than you do.

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