Should I Clean My Carpet or Replace it?

Should I Clean My Carpet or Replace it?

All carpet is different and one of the differences is that some is made to last two years and some is made to last 20 years. Many people when looking at their tired carpet wonder if all it needs is a professional cleaning or if it’s time to replace it altogether. Following are some ways to determine exactly what to do with your carpet.

Is your carpet matted down?

When the pile starts to matt down in main walkways, it may be time to replace your carpet. Especially if your carpet is made of polyester. Polyester fibers are known for matting down and are simply not very resilient. Having your carpet cleaned in this situation will not bring life back to it and cause the tuft to stand back up. It will just make the matt clean.

On the other hand, if your carpet is made of nylon or Sorona then a professional cleaning just may bring life back to your matted carpet. After a good cleaning, carpets of these fibers tend to look brand new.

Are your carpets Berber?

If your Berber carpet is made of Olefin, it’s probably time to replace your carpet as this fiber is known for matting and staining. Once cleaned, stains will show back up again. However, if your Berber is made of nylon ( which, by the way, is more expensive) then, you’re in luck. This fiber is very resilient and stain resistant. A good cleaning can make it look brand new.

Is your carpet permanently stained?

Most carpet companies don’t warranty removal of stains such as mustard, teas, bleaches, acne medications, plant fertilizers, drain cleaners, and plant food…just to name a few. If your carpet has a stain such as these or another problem such as damage caused by vomit, urine, feces, mold or mildew, you need to replace it.

Is your carpet older than a decade?

If your carpet is older than ten years, it’s probably just time to replace it. If you see ripples, wrinkles, color fading or bald spots and your carpet is over ten years, it’s time to get new carpet.