Should I Replace My Carpet with Eco-Friendly Carpet?

There are so many ways to make your home more eco- friendly these days. Eco-friendly home products are not just hipster and trendy, but they save homeowners money as well. Eco-friendly has become so popular in homes that it has led some homeowners to pull out the old and replace it with new eco-friendly household fixtures.Should I Replace My Carpet with Eco-Friendly Carpet?

One eco-friendly product growing in popularity is carpeting. There are many great earth friendly products now available in the carpet world from low VOC carpets to carpets made of recycled products, but is it eco-friendly to tear out your carpet to replace it with a new eco-friendly product?

The answer is if your carpet is not that old and in great condition, it  is more earth conscience to keep your carpet just the way it is. Carpet that is well cared for with regular vacuuming, quick stain removal, and regular professional carpet cleanings should last 10-15 years. Tearing out perfectly good carpet to replace it with a new eco-friendly product is not all that eco-friendly. If you have carpet in your home that is past its prime then, yes, go ahead and replace it with a green carpet product that best fits your home.

When it is time to replace your carpet with an earth-friendly and green product it should be easy to find. Look for the CRI Green Label or Green Label Plus and non-industry certification. The CRI Green Label certification guarantees that new carpeting meets the industry indoor air quality standards and won’t cause sickness or irritation inside the home from new product off-gassing. This does not, however, mean that the carpet is made of recycled materials. There are carpets out there made with post-consumer carpeting materials and even some carpet made from recycled plastic bottles that are surprisingly soft and plush.

To put an extra earth loving boost on your carpet purchase look into recycling your old carpet. The easiest way to recycle carpet is to talk to the person who sold it about a buy-back program from the manufacturer and any recycling programs in the area. There are a few companies that have become part of the effort to see that carpet does not make it to the landfill. As more is known about recycling carpet more companies and opportunities for carpet recycling are becoming available.

Another way to be on the green side of carpet is to hire a green professional carpet cleaner. The products you use to clean your carpets with are important to the health of the people living in your home as well as the environment around you. Hire a carpet cleaner that is open and honest about the products they use. You want a cleaner that uses certified green cleaning solutions. A true green carpet cleaner will be happy to provide you with names of the products they use as well as an ingredient and safety information sheet.

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