Should You Install Hardwood Flooring in Your Kitchen?

The kitchen is the hub of the home, ground zero, command central, the most used room in the house. A lot happens in the kitchen that is tough on the surfaces in the kitchen from splashes and spills to high foot traffic and frequent use.  

Since there is so much going on in the kitchen you will want to choose durable finishes that can stand up to the tasks at hand. For this reason, many people wonder if hardwood floors are an optimal choice for their kitchen.  

Here are some things to help you consider if hardwood floors are right for your kitchen.  Should You Install Hardwood Flooring in Your Kitchen?


Part of considering any material for your kitchen flooring is considering the actual cost of the material and how much it will cost to get it into the home. Some people like to go the do-it-yourself route when installing floors to save money, but when installing hardwoods in a kitchen you really should hire a professional. You want to choose a top of the line hardwood that is durable enough to withstand the demands that the kitchen will put on the floors. Hardwood is one of the most difficult floors to install especially higher quality versions and laying it with all of the angles of the kitchen.  


Installing hardwoods in a kitchen will require a more robust finish. You have a choice of pre-finished hardwoods and finishing hardwoods after installation. We suggest finishing on sight to get a good seal in between the seams. You will also want to apply several coats of sealer to your floor to get the best protection against materials that could come in contact with your kitchen floors.  


The life and condition of your hardwood kitchen floors is going to hang on the way you maintain them. The care you put into your floors is the most important factor in how your hardwoods are going to perform. Hardwoods are durable, but only as long as they are vigilantly cared for.  

  • Dust, mop, or sweep on a daily basis 
  • Never let any liquid sit on the floor for any amount of time, get spills and leaks up as soon as they happen.  
  • Use a nearly dry mop on floors twice a month or as absolutely needed.  
  • The sealant will need to be re-applied every few months in the kitchen because of the high traffic and frequent use and splashing.  

So the answer to whether you should install hardwoods in your kitchen? It depends upon how much you want to spend and how much care you are willing to put into your floors. Hardwood floors can be a great and beautiful finish to a kitchen with the right quality materials and correct care.  

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