Should You Replace Your Carpet or Clean it?

Carpet is an expensive yet important part of your home. Some carpets are made to last only a few years while others are made to last 30 or more. The majority of carpets today last around 15 years if you have older carpet you may be wondering if you should replace it. Sometimes all your carpet needs is rejuvenation from a good professional deep cleaning. Here are some ways to decide if you should replace your carpet or save hundreds and have it cleaned.

Matted Carpet

A sure way to tell if you need new carpet is if the high traffic areas are matted down. If your carpet is made of Polyester or Polyester blends then matting is a sure sign of needing replacement. Once Polyester fibers lose their tuft or shape there is nothing that can be done to revive them. If you have carpet made of a higher quality fiber such as nylon it may be possible to revive it with a professional cleaning. Nylon is one of the most resilient and easiest carpet fibers to revive with a professional cleaning.

Berber Carpet

Carpets made of Olefin fibers have a shorter life span than other berber carpets. Olefin tends to be an oily fiber that attracts dirt and stains after time. When the fibers in Olefin berber carpets begin to matt and lay down it is hard to revive them. The life expectancy of an Olefin berber carpet is around three years, so if your Olefin carpet is looking dingy and matted it may be best to begin looking for a replacement.

Again nylon is a much more resilient fiber and nylon berber carpets will last a lot longer than other berbers. Nylon is more expensive but you get what you pay for. The average life of nylon berber is 10 years. A nylon berber carpet is more than likely able to be restored to like new with a deep professional cleaning.

Permanent Stains

No carpet is safe from the potential of permanent stains; there are however a number of ways to care for carpet to prevent stains from becoming permanent. Many carpets sold today come with some sort of stain resistant coating the most popular being Scotchgard. Scotchgard does wear off over time and can be reapplied by a professional carpet cleaner. If you have a stain master carpet the stain fighting is part of the fiber and there is no need to reapply.

Even with a great stain coating on your carpet it is possible to stain the carpet permanently with certain substances. If you have some ugly stains hanging on to your carpet fibers it is a good idea to call a carpet cleaning professional and ask their advice on weather the stain is removable. Some carpets are beyond hope and better off being replaced.

Many times but not all a professional can come in and get your carpet looking like new again with a deep steam cleaning and stain treatment. For advice on weather a deep clean will bring back the life in your carpet call us today.

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