Signs You Need New Grout

Tile provides endless style options and a smooth easy to clean surface. A majority of tiles are kept in place with grout and overtime those grout lines can collect bacteria. Without proper maintenance and cleaning your grout can become very dirty and in need of a serious cleaning or even replacement.

If you are unable to get stains and discoloring out of your grout it is time to call in the professional tile cleaners. A trained professional cleaning technician will have the tools and knowledge to get your grout looking its best. When they are finished it is a smart idea to have them seal your grout as well. Sometimes when grout has been left unsealed and uncleaned for a long period of time it is time to re-grout.

Another sign that it may be time to replace grout is loose tiles. This signifies aging grout and could even mean shifting floors.

If you need to replace your grout don’t simply apply new grout over old. You will need to dig or chisel out all of the old grout and then come back in with the new grout. New grout will not adhere to old grout and leave you with dried grout that comes loose.

The best way to insure you will not have to replace grout before its time is to have a routine cleaning regimen and keep up with regular professional deep cleanings and sealing. Sealing is important to form a protection barrier against future spills and staining.

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