Simple Changes to Keep Your Home Warmer

Now that it is officially fall the weather will soon become chillier and chillier. The first thing we will want to do is reach for the thermostats to keep our homes warmer. While we may be content and toasty our wallets will not be when we see the heating bills. There are some easy things you can do around your home to keep the heat in and the bills down.

Close Off Unused Spaces Simple Changes to Keep Your Home Warmer

If you have the ability to shut off heat in certain rooms of your home, it is good to keep the heat off in rooms that are rarely used and shut the door. This will concentrate the heat where it needs to be and keep spaces that are used warmer without having to raise the thermostat as much. The smaller the space that needs to be heated the quicker the room reaches a comfortable temperature as well.

Use Heavier Window Coverings

Much of the heat in your home is lost through the windows. Keep heat in with some good quality heavy curtains at night when it is coolest outside. If you have great energy efficient windows leave your curtains open during the day to let sunlight in and keep the home a bit warmer naturally.

If You Have a Radiator, Don’t Block It

It is not uncommon for homeowners to place furniture in front of the radiator. This blocks heat from entering the room the way it was intended. To get even more heat from a radiator;place some foil behind it to reflect more heat into the room instead of some heat being absorbed into the wall behind.

Block the Chimney

Sorry Santa, but we are cold and large amounts of heat in a home can escape through the chimney. Chimney caps are a bit pricey,but effective. You can also purchase a chimney balloon to close the chimney with less money out of pocket. If you decide to light a fire make sure you remember to remove it though.

Get Rid of Bare Floors

Hardwood floors may be the latest trend in floor coverings, but they are not the most effective for keeping heat in a home. Installing carpet will do wonders to keep your home warm and cozy and are just one of the many benefits of having carpeting in your home. Don’t want to take on that expense just yet? Purchase some good quality area rugs.

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