Simple Steps to Make Your Home Feel Cleaner

No matter how clean your home already is, or isn’t, on a daily basis there are some things you can do to make your home feel clean all of the time. These things, of course, can’t replace a good old fashioned cleaning, but they can keep your living environment more pleasant ( and less embarrassing to drop in guests). Read on for some simple tricks to make your home feel fresh all the time.  

Simple Steps to Make Your Home Feel Cleaner

Live Plants and Flowers 

A fresh live plant or even a bouquet of colorful flowers will instantly brighten up a room. It’s amazing how live plants make a room seem well-cared for. This is why you see lots of fresh bouquets in magazine photo shoots and expertly staged homes.  


Control Countertop Clutter 

Grab a trendy organizing tray in a pretty color that fits right into the décor of your kitchen and bathroom to tidy up all the stuff that hangs out on the counter without having to take the time to go through it all to decide what to keep and what to chuck. Instead of tossing things all over the counter just stick them back in the tray in a matter of seconds.  

Simple Steps to Make Your Home Feel Cleaner

Smell is Everything 

A home that smells a bit funky is going to seem so much dirtier than it really is. Even a home where everything has a place and all of the stuff is put away, a funky smell can bring uncomfortable thoughts of what filth may be lurking in hidden places. Invest in an essential oil diffuser and diffuse lemon, tea tree, or eucalyptus for that freshly cleaned kind of smell. It may also relieve some stress as well.  


Opt for a Bamboo Bathmat 

Though fabric bathmats are cozy and cushy they have a tendency to look soggy, worn, and tired.  Swap the worn fabric mat with a new wooden one for a much cleaner and spa like feel in the bathroom.  

Simple Steps to Make Your Home Feel Cleaner

Make the Bed Everyday 

This is one of the simplest and best ways to have your home feeling cleaner than it is. There is no actual cleaning required, just five minutes of rearranging. It is amazing what making a bed does to keep a bedroom feeling cared for. Making your bed will also lift your mood every day with a sense of pride and accomplishment. What a great way to start a day! 


Fluff the Couch Pillows 

Nothing makes a living room look disheveled faster than a couch full of throw pillows thrown all over the place. Take a few seconds to fluff up and strategically place the pillows so they look neat and styled. It will do wonders to make the front room look tidy.  

Simple Steps to Make Your Home Feel Cleaner

Get Some Baskets 

A few strategically placed baskets to hold things that pile up will do wonders to take your home from looking cluttered to looking organized and well kept. In the playroom and kids’ rooms have some baskets to toss toys into at the drop of a hat. Grab a large basket for the stack of blankets in the family room, small baskets do wonders for bathrooms.  

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