Smelly Carpets After a Cleaning

It has happened to many of us, your carpet looks dingy and it just feels like time for a cleaning overhaul so you call the carpet cleaning pros only to discover a funky smell filling your home the next day. There are many reasons that carpet carries odors, but in the case of a funky smell permeating your home after a professional cleaning it may boil down to two simple causes.
Most of the debris hanging out in the carpet in your home is from dry particles. These could be materials such as human hair, pet hair, dirt, paper products and more. It is not uncommon knowledge that a wet dog has one of the most unpleasant smells around. One of the most important steps in cleaning your carpet is a good thorough vacuum cleaning before the professional cleaning is performed. It is a crucial step to remove as much dry debris from the carpeting as possible before the pros come in and use water and cleaning solution to remove the soil that is deeply rooted in the carpet. A good amount of dry soil left in the carpeting when a carpet is cleaned results in musty and unpleasant odors.

Preparation for your professional cleaning is key, likewise it is just as important to do your homework and hire a quality professional carpet cleaner. The use of too much moisture or not enough removal of water and solution used results in a longer drying time for the carpet and an unpleasant smell. Too much moisture can cause the growth of mold in your carpeting as well. It is essential to hire a professional cleaner that is skilled and trained in the proper use of cleaning equipment so that your carpets do not end up a soggy mess and worse off than they were before the cleaning.

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