There are many of us who like to think as long as we meticulously take care of our carpets on our own that is enough. If the carpets don’t look or smell dirty then they must be clean. So we vacuum twice a week and clean up spills as soon as they happen thinking that is all our carpets need.Vacuuming is Not Enough

Simply vacuuming your carpets on a regular basis is not enough. In fact neither is attempting to deep clean carpets on your own. This is why many carpet manufacturers put in writing that carpets need to be professionally cleaned with hot water extraction every 12 to 18 months in the warranty section of the manual.

To give your carpet its best life and keep the air quality in your home at its best you need to call in the pros to deep clean your floors. Most people are not having their floors cleaned often enough. How often you need cleaning depends upon the conditions in your home and if anyone in the home suffers from ailments such as allergies. The standard recommendation is once every 12- 18 months as lined out in many carpet warranties but in homes with pets, high traffic, and members with health concerns you may need to get a cleaning as often as every four to six months. To determine how often your floors need a cleaning for optimal care ask a skilled cleaning pro.

Vacuuming is the best thing you can do to personally care for your carpets, but vacuuming only gets the surface dirt not the stuff that works its way deep down into the fibers over time. The only way to remove dirt deep in the carpet fibers is with a truck mounted cleaning system. Truck mounted systems have enough suction power to get the deepest dirt and pull it out of the fibers. Home steam cleaners do not have this power.

Leaving all of the carpet cleaning duty to your vacuum just wont keep it truly clean. The dust that travels deep down will accumulate over time and begin to wear down your flooring. Give your carpet and home its best life by staying on top of regular professional cleanings.

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