What to Do if You Spill Bleach on the Carpet

Many more people are making sure to stay diligent in deep cleaning, sanitizing, and disinfecting their homes recently. One of the most effective ways to disinfect a home is to use a highly diluted bleach solution periodically. What do you do if you accidentally get bleach on the carpet?  

If the Bleach Spill/Stain is Still FreshWhat to Do if  You Spill Bleach on the Carpet

Method 1 

You Will Need: 

  •  plain white paper towels or cloths/rags 
  • water 
  • bowl 
  • hand dishwashing soap 


  • As soon as you realize bleach has touched the carpet immediately grab some plain white towels or cloths and some plain water. Lightly wet the cloth or towel and very gently blot the bleached area. DO NOT RUB the spot at all this could make the bleached area of carpet larger than it was.  
  • Next mix a solution of ¼ teaspoon of hand dishwashing soap and 1 cup of water in the bowl. Apply the mixture to the bleached area and let it sit for about five minutes. 
  • Working from the outside of the stain in toward the center gently blot to remove the solvent and any remaining bleach.  
  • Once most of the soap has been removed, rinse with plain clean water and blot up as much moisture as possible with dry clean towels to get as dry as possible. Hopefully, this removes the bleach before it was able to interact with the dye in your carpet.  

Method 2 

You Will Need:  

  • Warm water  
  • White distilled vinegar 
  • White cloths/rags or plain white paper towels 
  • Bowl 


  • Begin by blotting up as much othe bleach as possible with a damp cloth or towel like in method 1 
  • Mix a solution of 4 cups warm water and 2 tablespoons of white distilled vinegar 
  • Apply some of the solutions to the stain and let it sit for about five minutes. Gently blot the area with a clean dry cloth or towel working from the outside edges to the center to hopefully lift the bleach from the carpet before it removes the carpet dye.  
  • Rinse the area with water and blot as much liquid out of the carpet as possible then allow to fully air dry.  

For Older Stains that Created Colorless or Faded Color Spots 

Spilled bleach that is not noticed until the bleach has dried or lifted the dye from the carpet is going to require some repair work to recolor the area where the bleach has spilled. 

You Will Need:  

An old white towel or rag 

Carpet color repair kit (you can purchase from Amazon or a carpet store)  


If you do a search on the internet to repair the dye in bleached areas of carpet you will come across several different methods from sharpie markers to color crayons or even interior wall paint. The best way to restore color to your carpet is with a product specifically made for the task. Pick up a spot treatment carpet dye kit in the color that closest matches your carpet and very carefully read through all of the directions on the package before beginning the process. Then make sure to read the directions step by step and follow them exactly.  

If you are uncomfortable or want to be extra careful and sure the repair job will go well it is best to call in a professional. All Kleen provides carpet repair services to do the hard work for you to ensure your carpet looks like nothing ever happened.  

For carpet repair in North Seattle and surrounding areas make an appointment online or over the phone with All Kleen 


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