Spot Clean Area Rugs with this Magic Water Trick

Who knew that spot treatment for area rugs could be so simple? Did you know that many spills on your area rug can be cleaned up by simply using water? Before you reach for those expensive commercial spot treatments and cleaners try grabbing a cup of pure H2O from your faucet first.

All you will need for this method of spot treatment is water and a towel. This treatment should take care of any small spills on your area rug. It is hard to believe that the use of only water could clean any spot but it is an old trick that has been used for over 30 years among housewives and professional house cleaners alike.

Start at the site of the stain by removing any of the soil particles you can by gently scraping the carpet fibers especially if you are trying to clean substances that have solid particles such as peanut butter or the most dreaded spit up. Once you have removed anything solid pour a cup of water on the spot, that’s right, you need to soak the stain in water. Now take your fingertips and gently rub or “massage” the water into the carpet. When you are done working the water into the stain take the towel and soak up the water. Be sure to continue applying dry areas of the towel to the stain until it is as dry as it can possibly get. Since you are treating a rug you can put towels on the back as well. After this process is complete the stain should be gone.

If the stain is large or stubborn you can repeat the process with hot water. This should work on a lot of stains in your area rug including stains that have been hanging out for a while. Try the “magic water trick” first before using other spot treatments.

Carpet Cleaning Hack: If you have a stain like throw up that occurs in the middle of the night that you are just not able to get to right away lay a damp towel on top of it to keep the stain “fresh” longer until you can come back and treat the stain.

If you have stubborn stains that just won’t let go of your rugs, carpets, or upholstery All Kleen will send you one of their highly trained cleaners to help you get your home looking good as new. Schedule your appointment online or over the phone..