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Spot Treatments for Common Office Carpet Stains

Spot Treatments for Common Office Carpet Stains

Posted by on June 28, 2018

The office, of course, is a place to conduct business. When you break down the word business into two you get busy-ness. There is a lot that happens in the office it is in constant use and the carpet in your office is working double duty compared to the carpet in your home.  

With so much activity happening over your floors there is bound to be a spill or two. The key to keeping the floors in your place of business looking their best is to treat the spill right after it happens. Here are some common workplace carpet stains and how you can treat them when they happen. Spot Treatments for Common Office Carpet Stains 


  • Black Coffee: The key to preventing black coffee from staining your floors permanently is to clean it as soon as it spills. Start by soaking up as much of the coffee as possible with a clean white cloth or paper towel. Once you can no longer soak any more liquid up out of the carpet, mix together lemon juice and water and spray on the stain. Gently dab at the area with a new cloth working from the outside toward the center. Rinse with plain water once the coffee has been removed.  
  • Coffee with Cream and Sugar: Coffee with added ingredients poses a more interesting cleanup challenge, with the fat from the creamer and stickiness of the sugar. Start in the same way as above with black coffee by getting up as much of the liquid as possible. Mix together just a few drops of hand dish washing soap into about a quarter cup of water. Apply the soap to the stain working from the outside in. Rinse the soap from the area once the stain is removed.  

Muddy Shoe Prints 

Ideally, the easiest way to clean up mud tracked in from several different shoes on a rainy day is to let it dry into dirt and vacuum it up. This may not be attainable in an office space where there is constant foot traffic and the very likely outcome of more feet spreading the mud further. To clean up mud use a simple solution of dish soap and water and gently blot. Never, never, never, rub on a fresh mud stain it will very easily spread. Once the mud is gone rinse the soap clean from the floor to avoid soap residue attracting more dirt.  

Lunch Spills 

  • Oil From Dressings and Sauces: sprinkle some baking soda or cornstarch on the stain and let it sit for several minutes to absorb. Vacuum the powder up and re-apply if needed. Follow with a mixture of 1 tablespoon dish soap, 1 tablespoon vinegar, and 2 cups warm water. Dab the solution onto the stain with a clean cloth and rinse with water once the stain is removed.  
  • Other General Food Spills: mix up a safe all-purpose cleaner made of a few drops of dish soap and water. Apply to stain with a plain paper towel and blot gently working toward the center. Once the stain is removed rinse with water.  

If you have spills and stains on the carpet in your office that just seem to linger even after custodial services have come in, it is time to call in a professional carpet cleaner to use their knowledge of carpet care and specific carpet cleaning tools.  

All Kleen provides commercial carpet cleaning in Everett and surrounding cities. Give us a call or make an appointment online to get your office back in shape and ready to greet customers.  


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