Spring Cleaning Solutions for Busy People

Spring is here! For many that means trying to fit spring cleaning in with a whole other list of duties and activities that spring brings. When you have a busy schedule the thought of spring cleaning can be overwhelming and lead you to put needed tasks off a little longer.

Below we have put together some cleaning strategies to help spring cleaning go much smoother and fit into your busy schedule.Spring Cleaning Solutions for Busy People

Create a Routine

This one is as simple as looking at your schedule and carving out a little time each day to get cleaning tasks knocked off the list. Work it into a routine, just like you brush your teeth, or get dressed everyday. When something becomes routine it is easy to get done without even thinking about it. Maybe you have ten minutes in the morning while the kids are eating to do a quick spring cleaning task. Just taking a small amount of time to do little bits can take away some of the overwhelming aspect of it all.

Cleaning Schedule

There are many different cleaning schedule examples you can find online, from tasks that need to be done weekly to tasks that should occur yearly. Following a schedule and attacking cleaning tasks more often will allow them to get done in less time and less elbow grease will be required. It also helps to remind of things that get forgotten like spring cleaning tasks; i.e. washing the curtains or calling the professional carpet cleaner.

Use Less Cleaning Products

This one may take you back for a second, but stick with us it will simplify your cleaning life. Instead of using a separate cleaner for each task make an affordable, green and family safe all purpose cleaner. A simple mix of water and white vinegar can clean a number of items around the home like countertops, showers and tubs, mirrors, windows, and more. Bump up the cleaning and scent power with the use of essential oils. Lemon is a great sanitizer and lavender creates a wonderful and relaxing scent. Create one cleaner you can carry with you everywhere that is cheaper and safe for the whole family to be around.

Bring in the Pros

Spring cleaning is a great time to get all the professional deep cleaning done. The nice part is you get to hire someone to do the work for you. This task is as easy as picking up the phone and setting an appointment. Okay putting an appointment on busy books may take some work, but once it is on your calendar most of the work is done. Carpets, tile, grout ,natural stone, and upholstery should all be cleaned at least once a year.

For more great cleaning tips please feel free to browse our blog, for the best in professional carpet, tile, and upholstery cleaning make an appointment online today.