Staining and Soiling are Different

Many times the terms staining and soiling can get confused when it comes to your carpet. After all they do sound like the same exact thing. Though staining and soiling are similar they are two different things. Here is a look at the definitions of staining and soiling and how to prevent them.


Stains on the carpet are most commonly attributed to spilled substances. For example a cup of juice that has been knocked or tipped over and the liquid lands on the carpet. This spilled juice then leaves behind a different colored spot known as a stain. Some carpet fibers are more prone to sucking in spilled items and could use a stain fighting treatment. Carpet fibers that need a little stain fighting boost include Nylon fibers.

The best way to prevent a stain from setting into your carpet is to clean it as soon as you see it. The procedure for cleaning stains is pretty common for all stains and that is to remove as much excess as possible by scooping or blotting with a clean cloth and then to blot with the correct stain fighting solution for what has been spilled. Follow these steps by rinsing any leftover solution out of the carpet and drying.


Soiling like staining gives an appearance of a dirty carpet but the difference here is soiling may or may not be the result of a spilled substance on the carpet. Soiling is the result of residue on the carpet that has attracted dirt causing a discoloration on the carpet. Some soiling can be the result of cleaning products not fully rinsed out of the carpet when a stain was treated and other soiling is simply a result of walking on carpet in bare feet. Olefin is a carpet fiber that is vulnerable to soiling.

Preventing soiling can be fairly simple. When you treat stains on the carpet make sure that you are getting all of the cleaning solution rinsed from the carpet after treating a stain. Most of the time this can be done by blotting a clean cloth that has been dampened with a little water. To prevent soiling from bare foot traffic employ a socks and slippers policy in your home.

And Then There is Wicking

Wicking occurs when stains reappear after they have been treated. This happens because the stain has reached deep into the carpet to the backing or even the padding and is resurfacing. If you notice wicking try treating the spot with the same initial process as before.

Should you run into soiling or a stain on your carpet that just won’t come clean All Kleen has a team of highly trained carpet cleaning pros that can get your carpets fresh and clean again..