Steam Cleaning Carpets is More Sanitary

Steam cleaning has gained popularity as the professional carpet cleaning method of choice. Some cleaners do use other methods including the old stand by of a standard shampoo. Research has shown that most people spend 90% of their time in the home or at the office. Having these spaces their best clean possible is important to keep allergens and irritants at bay. Adding green solutions that are pet, child, and earth friendly are the cherry on top of the cleaning cake. When hot water extraction or steam cleaning is used it benefits both the flooring and the occupants of the space.Steam Cleaning Carpets is More Sanitary

Did you know that there can be up to 100 times more pollutants and dirt inside your home than outside? Regular vacuuming is crucial to control the amount of outside annoyances that settle down into your carpet but over time those mites, allergens, and debris settle deep down into the carpet where only a professional cleaning system can reach. For this reason it is best to choose the carpet cleaning method that is less abrasive and most sanitary to prolong the life of your carpet and keep the occupants healthy.

Steam cleaning uses very hot water to kill any germs and bacteria brought in by outside debris. Hot water is shot deep into the carpet fibers at a fast rate along with a minimal amount of cleaning solution and most of the moisture is quickly extracted back out. This method allows professional cleaners to use less moisture and less solution with better sanitizing results. The benefits are not just sanitation but also less drying time and and a gentler cleaning process with less cleaning solvents

Choosing a green professional carpet cleaner adds to the benefits of steam cleaning. It is very important to use cleaning solvents that do not have harsh chemicals especially in homes with pets, small children, allergy sufferers, people with medical conditions, and the elderly. Many regular commercial carpet cleaning solvents contain harsh chemicals that can irritate the sensitive or even worsen medical conditions. Green solvents are safe for everyone in the home to come in contact with and less impactful on the environment outside as well.

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