Why Steam Cleaning Your Furniture is Important

It may not seem like your furniture is dirty, but unless it has been recently deep cleaned, it probably is. Your furniture is one of the most frequently used items in your home. On a daily basis it can stand up to a lot of wear and tear especially if you have kids, their friends over, or pets you allow on the furniture. Picture the everyday use your furniture sees from sitting around and waiting for the day to start to after work and school lounging and tv and movie watching. With a large amount of everyday use your furniture needs some care and maintenance. 

Just like your carpets, your sofa is a soft surface prone to absorbing and hanging on to the same dirt and dander that settles into your carpets and more. Dust mites don’t just live in the carpet they like to make themselves at home on your sofa as well. When dust mites move in, they feed on dust and dander in the fibers and their droppings can create respiratory irritants. In addition to all of the things from your carpet also living in your sofa, there are the many oils from our skin and hair that come in contact with our furniture as well as any dirt hanging out on our clothes.  As the dirt buildup your furniture can begin to dull and even create a less healthy air quality in your home.  A qualityprofessional deep cleaningof your furniture can restore your furniture and may even bring it back to looking brand new. 

When you think of professional deep cleaning you probably think it is just for carpets, but your upholstered furniture needs to be professionally cleaned just as often, if not more, than your carpets.  

 As with carpet, picking up a rented machine or buying one made for home use will not give you the best possible clean. These machines are not as powerful as professional truck-mounted equipment and are not being used by a trained professional. The only way to ensure your upholstery is truly deep cleaned is with professional equipment. 

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Be sure you are hiring a quality cleaner to deep clean yourfurniture. Cleaners who are not properly trained can really make a mess out of your furniture. One common and big mistake of poor cleaners is too much moisture when cleaning. Too much moisture in your furniture can lead to more dirt and even mold or mildew in your furniture. Some upholstery cleaning mishaps have even led to having to replace it. Make sure you have done your homework and know who you are hiring before you make a costly mistake. 

It is recommended to have your furniture cleaned about once a year. A perfect time to do so would be when you have your carpets cleaned this way you can have them done in less time and fewer appointments in your schedule. It is also a great idea to have protective stain treatment applied after cleaning to help prevent stains from setting in. 

Why Steam Cleaning Your Furniture is Important

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