Stiff or Crunchy Carpet?

One of the biggest reasons people install carpet in their homes is the soft and comfy feel it provides. Sometimes that soft feeling gets lost and fibers become stiff and rough some would describe it as crunchy. We can all agree that when it comes to carpet this is an unpleasant and unwanted occurrence. So why does this happen and what can be done to fix it?

More than likely your stiff and crunchy carpet is an after effect of a carpet cleaning gone wrong. One little mistake in the cleaning process has the power to turn once soft and fluffy carpeting into a rough and crunchy disaster. There are also certain types of carpet that end up on the stiff side as they dry no matter how well they are cleaned. Below a list of  scenarios that lead to stiff carpeting:

Poor Extraction Stiff or Crunchy Carpet?

Carpets that were cleaned too quickly either by rented or home cleaning machines or poorly trained “carpet cleaners” will leave behind soap residue. Going over the floor too fast does not allow the machine enough time to suck the cleaning solution back out of the floors. This residue un-rinsed from the carpet fibers leaves your floors stiff and crunchy.

Wrong Cleaning Solution

Not all carpets are created equal. There are thousands of different carpet products in the stores for customers to choose from. They are made with  different materials or are even  protected and coated with different products. This definitely plays an important role when it comes to carpet cleanings. A wool carpet is going to react different to a cleaning solution than a cotton fiber carpet or a synthetic fiber carpet. It is so important to know what kind of carpet you have so that you know the best way to care for your specific carpet and prolong its life. This is just one reason why hiring a professional carpet cleaner to deep clean your floors is a good idea. A properly trained carpet technician will know what exactly to use on your carpet and if you are not sure what type of carpet you have they will be able to help you find out. Using the wrong type of soap on your carpet results in crunchy stiff fibers.

Water- Sensitive Flooring

There are some types of carpet made of materials that are just sensitive to moisture. Wool is notorious for not playing nice with large amounts of moisture. Natural fiber carpets and a few others will stiffen when you apply moisture even in the right amounts.

How To Fix the Problem:

  1. Don’t chance cleaning the carpet yourself or hiring a cheap cleaner that does not guarantee their work and will not disclose their products or uses cheap equipment. Instead hire a professional with truck mounted equipment and trained professionals with a satisfaction guarantee. This way you know your floors are being cleaned properly.
  2. If you did clean the floor on your own or hired a cleaner that tried to pass off as a professional, call in a trustworthy and reputable professional carpet cleaning company. Your floors will not go back to normal until they are cleaned correctly and that soap residue will attract more dirt to your floors causing the opposite results of what you where hoping for in the first place.
  3. If you have a type of carpet that is sensitive to moisture check the manufacturer suggestions for deep cleaning. If it is suggested to clean with moisture you can use a carpet rake followed with vacuuming to bring the softness back after a cleaning.

Let All Kleen help you get your carpets back to like new condition! We have been in the business for over 30 years and have a team of trained pros with customer care as our main focus. We always guarantee our work and are up front about our process and cleaning products. Make an appointment online today.