Stop Cleaning These Things with Vinegar

Vinegar is amazing. It is cheap, a key component in salad dressing, gets rid of fruit flys, and it is a green cleaner. Vinegar has grown in popularity for its green cleaning properties. Many homes across the nation are now using vinegar because it is a safe chemical free cleaning agent that costs almost nothing.Stop Cleaning These Things with Vinegar

Though vinegar is an amazing cleaning powerhouse, there are some cleaning tasks you do not want to use vinegar for. Vinegar is acidic and some surfaces just do not do well with acids.

Granite and Marble

Acid is a natural stone’s worst enemy. It can scratch and etch the surface of natural stones especially granite and marble. Clean stone with mild dish liquid and warm water instead.

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Egg Stains and Spills

If you drop an egg or get some white on the counter while cracking, don’t use vinegar to wipe up the mess. The acidity in the vinegar can cause coagulation and make your cleaning job harder.


There are some cleaning tips out there that say to run vinegar through your iron like water for the steam setting to clean it out. Vinegar can damage the internal parts of your iron. You can keep irons from clogging by emptying them out after each use.


Some say vinegar can ruin the finish on hardwood. The best way to clean a hardwood is with cleaner that is made for it.

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Certain Laundry Stains

There are some stains that will not respond well to acids. Some of these stains include: grass, ink, ice cream, blood, and of course egg. The best way to treat stains that react negatively to acids is with a prewash stain remover and a detergent with enzymes. Or check the internet for each individual stain because stain treatment is a matter of chemical reactions.

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