Superbowl Party Prep Cleaning Hacks

We have heard the all too popular cliché that the “best offense is a great defense.” Here are some pre party cleaning  hacks that will help make your post party clean up so much easier.

Laces Out Superbowl Party Prep Cleaning Hacks

Start your defense against dirt and soil at the door. Have party guests remove their shoes as soon as they enter your home. Create an inviting space for guests to leave their shoes with a mat next to the inside of the door or a basket. As an added gesture you could also set a basket of slippers or fuzzy socks out for guests to use. You can also make your very own “laces out, please remove shoes at the door sign.”

Spiked Snacks

Well not in the term of spiking the ball. You definitely don’t want your guests spiking their food in your carpets causing you to call the professional carpet cleaners. This is more of a way to prevent greasy and sticky fingers that later come in contact with your furniture. Simply place a “spike” or toothpick into finger foods to keep hands clean.

Cleaning First Aid Kit

One of the best tools in your defensive plan is a first aid cleaning kit at the ready for downed dishes. Who wants to spend most of their hosting hours scrambling and cleaning up spills? That is a party foul. Instead get together your arsenal of stain fighters in a handy kit ready to go should someone drop their food or drinks like a sacked quarter back.

Personalize Glasses

Not everyone is a fan of plastic cups that hang out forever in landfills. Create less waste by using your own household cups. Cut back on the amount of dirty dishes by personalizing drink ware. Use some tape and a permanent marker to label glasses that guest can use more than once. You can even get creative and use the name of your favorite football players.

Should an unclean-able stain intercept your plans of easy post party clean up there is no need to worry. All Kleen is ready with a team of highly trained pros dedicated to customer service and ready with a cleaning play book to tackle the toughest stains. Make an appointment online for fast friendly service.