The broom is one of the most versatile and handy tools in your home. In order to keep your hard surface floors in shape you should be sweeping or vacuuming on a regular basis. The recommendation is at least twice a week and more often for high traffic areas and homes with pets and small children. Here are some great ways to make sweeping more effective. Some may surprise you! Surprising Sweeping Tips for More Effectiveness

  • Extend the life of any broom by soaking the bristles in hot water for a few seconds monthly. This will revitalize your broom bristles.
  • Remove small particle and hair that have taken up residence in your broom with a hair comb. Simply comb your broom like you would your hair.
  • The best way to store a broom is by hanging it so it doesn’t touch the floor or standing it with the bristles up so they do not bend and get damaged.
  • Put a sock over the end of the broom handle and you now have a handy tool to get rid of spider and cob webs
  • Get even more deep down dirt in your carpet by sweeping the carpet before vacuuming. The broom reaches deeper into the carpet and loosens the dirt bringing it up to the surface.
  • Spray liquid fabric softener and some warm water on broom bristles to help collect pet hair and larger amounts of dust.
  • Spray window cleaner on a broom before sweeping to prevent dust from flying away.
  • For push brooms, change the handle direction every so often by rotating the block and re-attaching. This will extend the life of your push broom.

Who knew there were so many different tricks to help boost your sweeping power? Of course don’t forget to have your floors professionally cleaned at least once a year to keep you floors at their best.

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