Surprising Ways to Deodorize Your Home

Your home may look neatly organized with a place for everything and everything in its place, but if it doesn’t smell fresh you probably no longer care how neat and tidy your home is. An unsavory odor can quickly sour your mood and have you wondering where it is coming from and what in the world can you do to fix it.  Surprising Ways to Deodorize Your Home

Here we some surprising things you can do to eliminate odors in your home and have it smelling as wonderful as it looks.

  • For wool clothes and rugs that tend to get musty spritz with a little vodka and hang in a well ventilated space to dry. Vodka will kill whatever bacteria is hanging out without leaving behind any odor. Make sure to test on a small unseen area first.
  • For a stinky garbage disposal grind up some fresh citrus rinds or peels in the disposal. Some great ones to use include  lime, grapefruit,orange, and lemon.
  • Get rid of those lingering and funky old food smells in the freezer with a cotton pad and pure vanilla extract. Just moisten the cotton pad with the extract and place in freezer.
  • Wipe down refrigerator shelves with a mix of half white vinegar and half water. This not only cleans and sanitizes the shelves but deodorizes the fridge as well.
  • Have plastic food storage containers like Rubbermaid or Tupperware holding on to old food smells? Soak them in warm water and baking soda overnight.
  • For carpet odors making a stink in between professional carpet cleanings sprinkle the smelly space with baking soda. Leave the powder there for a few hours to absorb smelly bacteria and vacuum up.
  • Pet beds are a constant source of funky smell, to breath some life into them, use a Dryel at home dry cleaning kit in your dryer
  • For a stinky basement, peel and cut an onion in half then place on a plate in the basement and leave overnight. The results will shock you after the onion smell goes away.
  • For cars that could use a freshening place a wax candle tart made for electric burners in your cup holder.
  • Purchase a used car from a smoker? Fill the cup holders with coffee beans and the smell will be gone.
  • Smelly litter box problems? Cut an apple and leave the slices to absorb the odor.

Unless your home is free of smelly odors it will not feel clean. Bad odor is very unpleasant and makes us want to head for the hills. All Kleen has a team of expert technicians ready to combat the toughest odors that just don’t seem to go away. Make an appointment today.