Surrpising Things a Housekeeper can Tell from Cleaning Your Home

Your home is your sanctuary right? It is your safe space, the place where you spend the most time outside of work. This can also mean that your home is a trail of clues telling about your life. A housekeeper can deduce many things about what is going on in your life just by cleaning your home for the first time.

Here are some things some of the best maids in the business have shared that  they can tell about a client  just by cleaning their home.  Surrpising Things a Housekeeper can Tell from Cleaning Your Home


If you are living comfortably, struggling to make ends meet, or have more money than you know what  to do with your home will reveal it. Usually households in financial strain are using credit cards to maintain a lifestyle the family really cannot afford. One sign of this is unopened mail except for letters from credit companies. A household with plenty of money might have top end electronics, expensive art on the walls and closets full of couture.

Eating Habits

Of course looking into the refrigerator can tell a lot about what a person eats. A maid can also tell your food preferences form your pantry and liqueur cabinet. Someone with fancy condiments and expensive liqueur is usually considered a foodie. Someone with plenty of healthy option that don’t get used may say the homeowner means well but still likes to indulge.

Your Guilty Pleasures

We all have something we do that we may be less than proud of like watching that trashy show, having a bottle of wine ( or two) every night , binging on treats, etc. Whether is detrimental or just quirky chances are your housekeeper knows about it by the items left out in your home.

Relationship Status

House cleaners see many details you don’t realize even ones that give clues you may not want them to give. They can tell your relationship status from things left behind like your dirty bedroom and your life habits.

Work-Life Balance

Piles of laundry, a litter box that has not been paid attention to, piles of mail, unorganized clutter, etc. are signs that you are just too busy. Of course a small amount of mess is normal no one expects an average person to be neat as a pin, but cleanliness that is out of control, in an I can’t keep up sort of way is obviously a sign of business to a housekeeper.

Our home and the state that is  usually in can tell a pretty good story about the people who live within the walls. A good housekeeper may know more about you than you realize but they are there, for one thing, to get your house in top shape so that you can go on living your life.

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Image adapted By GregsMojo (Own work) [CC BY-SA 4.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons