How to Sweep Like a Boss – Pro Moves to Make Sweeping More Efficient

With so many cleaning gadgets on the market today, the broom has kind of gotten swept aside. A broom is still a very useful and much-needed cleaning tool in our homes. A broom can be the best tool in your arsenal for a quick floor clean up or even intense cleaning tasks. The trick to getting better results from your broom is to have the proper technique. After learning these tricks to make your sweeping more effective your broom may just become your new go-to tool.

Before you begin sweeping:
For effective sweeping, you will need a broom with clean bristles, a dustpan, and a trash canister.

How to Sweep Floors Like a Pro

  1. Choosing the Best Broom- There are hundreds of different types of brooms on the store shelves. You may think picking out a broom is as simple as choosing your favorite style, but there is actually more to it than that. The first determining factor in your broom choice is the type of flooring you have. Smooth floors can be cleaned with synthetic brooms while a rough texture floor will benefit from a natural fiber bristle. Once you have decided on what type of bristle you need, find a broom with angled bristles to get into corners and crevices. Finally, pick out a broom with a comfortable height handle that is not too heavy.
  2. Pick a Method- There a couple different methods you can use when sweeping a room. Some prefer to start sweeping on the outer edges of a room pushing and building a dirt pile into the center of the room. Other people prefer to start at one end fo the room and keep the dirt pile close as they move about the floor or sweep a section at a time putting dirt piles in the trash after each section is complete.
  3. Brooms Up! Start Sweeping!- Sweeping seems pretty straight forward. There is a correct method to it for better results, try to keep the bristles in continuous contact with the floor while not pressing the broom down into the floor. Begin with the broom placed on a section away from your body and using short quick motions or long sweeping ones gently drag the broom toward your body.
  4. Disposing of the Dirt Pile- As you sweep there of course will be an accumulation of dirt you form into a pile. Grab the dust pan and use several swipes to get all the debris into the pan. You will want to pull the dust pan back just a few inches and sweep again to get anything that went under the pan. Slowly empty the dust pan into the the trash bin to avoid kicking up dust and having to sweep again.
  5. Clean the Broom- Another step commonly forgotten by most people, after sweeping the floors the broom bristles are going to be dirty, especially if you have pet dander and human hair on your floor. Most of the time your broom just needs a quick removal of build up with your hand. About once every few weeks you want to rinse in a small amount of dish soap and water. Always store your broom with the bristles upright.

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