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Professional Upholstery Cleaning Vs. DIY

You have noticed that it has been awhile since you have cleaned the furniture and it could use a spruce up. The arms are a bit dingy and you cant

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Five Things Hiding in Your Carpet


Do Routine Cleanings Help Allergy Sufferers?

The seasons are changing and so is the weather with that comes a new wave of allergens in the air as spring approaches. If you or someone in your family


A Few Simple Steps to a Cleaner Couch

Just like your carpets, the upholstery on your sofa needs regular care and cleaning. Here are some simple things you can do on a regular basis to keep your sofa

Remove Musty Smells from Upholstered Furniture


Remove Musty Smells from Upholstered Furniture

You have finally found it! Your home is decorated in a unique way that is all you and not just any sofa would do for your living space, no you

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