How to Tell if You Need a Professional House Cleaning

We all hear that we should have our carpets professionally cleaned at some point to ensure that our floors are their cleanest clean, but how do you know if your carpets really need a professional cleaning?  How to Tell if You Need a Professional House Cleaning

Here are four signs that it is time to make an appointment with a dependable professional carpet cleaning company.  

  • You Can’t Remember the Last Time Your Carpets were Professionally Cleaned.  

If it has been so long that you can’t recall the last time the carpets had a professional cleaning, or if they have never had a cleaning that you know of, it is time to make an appointment. Carpet care experts and carpet manufacturers recommend that a household has a professional carpet cleaning every 12-18 months depending on the frequency of use; more often for homes with high traffic and people with respiratory illness such as allergies.  

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  • There are Stains that Won’t Budge 

Life happens and stains happen. Sometimes stains are impossible to remove on your own. If you have a stain that is unsightly and won’t budge no matter what you try, it may benefit you to call a professional carpet cleaner. A pro has an arsenal of highly effective tools and solvents to help remove the most stubborn of stains.  

  • Allergy Season was Especially Rough this Year. 

A dirty carpet that is long overdue for a deep cleaning can be a large source of respiratory irritants causing your allergies to become even worse. Carpets are like a giant air filter that hold on to particles like dust and dander. When that filter is overloaded those allergens get kicked up back into the air making for a miserable environment for allergy suffers and if it goes ignored long enough for everyone in the home. This is especially true for homes with pets.  

  • Didn’t the Carpet Use to be a Different Color?  

If your carpet is visibly dingy all over, just in certain spots where people walk often (traffic lanes), or it is starting to contribute a sort of musty smell to the home, it is well past due for a professional cleaning. If your carpet is experiencing any of these symptoms or it has lost its ability to stand up right/ it has lost its fluffiness it is time to call in the pros to bring the life back to your carpet. In some cases it might require a second round of cleaning.  

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  • You Just Moved Into a New Home 

Unless the previous owner just had the carpets cleaned and made sure to let you know, or it was an agreed upon condition in the sale contract, you should have the carpets cleaned before you move in to your new home. There is no way of being sure how clean the previous owners where on a day to day basis, how often they vacuumed, etc. The best way to ensure the carpets are free of anything from the previous owner is to get the carpets professionally cleaned. We suggest having it done before all of the furniture is moved in.  

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