The Correct Way to Dust Your Home


Dusting. It is just one of those things that many of us dread doing. Perhaps its because it seems so tedious and detailed. Inevitably there will always be dust. Not only is dust unsightly, but it can be full of respiratory irritants especially for those with allergies.The Correct Way to Dust Your Home

A dust free home is a place not only of beauty and respiratory relief, but one that brings a more pleasant and happy feeling to hang out in. Because when your home is dusted it brings a sense of accomplishment and knowing that your home is really clean. There is more to dusting than just grabbing one of those old fashioned bunches of feathers with a handle and lightly dabbing it along the surfaces in your home.

The proper technique and best tools are important for dust removal success. Follow these tips for a truly dust free home that may even have you dusting your home less often.

Start at the Top

When dusting, the biggest rule to proper technique is to start from the highest point in the room and work your way to the lowest point. For high places you can’t reach a step stool and a long handled Swiffer type tool or tool with a microfiber cloth are great options. You can also use a vacuum with a long extension on the hose. We recommend getting on the stool so you can see what you are doing instead of standing on the floor with your long extended tool.

Have the Right Tools for the Job

Not all dusters are created equal. If you are still using a feather duster it is time to chuck that thing in the trash. Feathers don’t really pick up and grab the dust. You want to trap the dust to be able to dispose of it, not push it around to another area for later use. The best material for dusting is microfiber. You will want several microfiber cloths or duster heads, because when one gets full you will need to use a clean one. A cloth full of dust will no longer be able to hold anything and begin spreading dust around instead of cleaning it up. Microfiber cloths are great at trapping and locking in dust particles to carry them away, but they can’t hold all the dust in your home in one cloth. So get several and exchange your cloth for a new one when it gets full.

Don’t Dry Dust

This is a tip not many people are aware of, especially since microfiber cloths became the go to tool for dusting success. When you are dusting, to avoid kicking dust back into the air as much as possible, don’t dust with a bone dry cloth. Instead, lightly spritz your microfiber cloth with a very small, almost non-existent amount of water, furniture polish, or all- purpose cleaner. Make sure to use it very sparingly, the focus is to trap the dust and prevent is from floating back into the air, using too much moisture will cause streaks and scratching. It will also create a build-up of cleaner that attracts more dust to it.

Tips for More Easily Dusting Individual Items

Knick-Knacks and Shelf Décor

These are one of the most tedious items to dust, but it is worth it to take each item off your shelves from time to time. For items with small crevices use a small brush like a toothbrush not used for anyone’s teeth.

Stuffed Animals

If your little one has a collection of plush toys you can get the dust out by placing these items in a zip top plastic bag after lightly coating them with baking soda. Once in the bag give them a good shake. The baking soda and static from the plastic bag will pull the dust out of the fibers. Take the toys out of the bag, gently shake excess baking soda off into the bag, and finish by vacuuming.


Things like the tv and all its components are magnets for dust. Unplug the equipment and wipe gently with microfiber and vacuum gently around cords.

Vents and Fans

Take off the covers of these items (make sure fans are not connected to electricity first) and clean the crevices with a cotton swab. If the dust has turned to mucky greasy grime use a damp cloth. You can also put plastic covers in warm soapy water to clean them.

Now that your home is all dusted, don’t’ neglect to clean those floors! That is where all the dust that escaped the cloths moved to. So get out the vacuum or dust mop and give the floors some love to get the job completely finished and avoid it getting kicked up into the air by people walking around.

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