The Cost of Using a Bad Carpet Cleaner

Many people choose not to have their carpets professionally cleaned because they have bought in to the myth that’s it is more expensive than its worth. Others try to save money by hiring the cheapest carpet cleaner they can find. Truth is professional cleaning is extremely beneficial but hiring a low cost cleaner could end up costing you more than you think.

When deciding to have the carpets cleaned there are essentially two choices you can make. You can clean them yourself or hire a professional. Cleaning the carpets on your own is the cheapest option but machines you can buy or rent at the local store are not going to clean you floors as well as  professional truck mounted equipment.  If you choose to hire a professional and have called around to check prices you have no doubt run into companies with extremely cheap prices.

The professional cleaners that advertise the too good to be true prices are just that too good to be true. There is a reason that these companies can charge less for their services and that is because they give sub-quality service.

You will be able to tell a reputable carpet cleaningcompany by the following:

They have professional grade equipment. A quality professional cleaner will have a heavy duty truck mounted carpet cleaning machine. The only way to get the deepest highest quality clean is with the right equipment. If a carpet cleaner shows up at your door with a machine that looks like the ones you can rent from the store this is your red flag warning to turn them away.

They guarantee their work. A company that does not guarantee their work in their advertising and on paper is not one you should hire. Should an accident occur or you are unsatisfied for any reason with the job a true professional will do whatever they can to make it right.

They are insured. Any trustworthy carpet cleaning company is going to be insured period. Ask if a cleaner is insured before letting them clean your carpet.

They have highly trained cleaners. Not anyone can just fill out an application and be cleaning the carpets the next day. It takes some expertise and know how to know how to treat a carpet.

Unfortunately there are no regulations on who can start up a carpet cleaning company. So beware before you higher that carpet cleaner who quoted thirty dollars a room. An untrained and unexperienced cleaner with poor equipment can truly damage your floors. Many of these cleaners use too much moisture or the wrong chemicals which could leave your floors looking worse than before they were cleaned or even completely ruin the carpet. To fix these unfortunate mistakes you will need to call in a reputable cleaner or   in serious mishaps replace the carpet all together.

To save yourself from a costly mess be sure you are hiring a trusted professional carpet cleaner.All Kleen is family owned serving the Bothell area for over 30 years.

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