The Importance of Cleaning Water Damaged Carpet ASAP

Water damage in your carpet is a serious issue and to get it properly taken care of you want to treat it as an emergency issue that needs to be cleaned up as quickly as possible. Without proper cleaning, your carpets could see permanent damage leading to a costly replacement.

When people experience water damage in their home they quickly think of getting the water stopped and then move on to worrying about the walls and sometimes the carpet gets left to sit. Some people think that carpet will be ok and some jump to the conclusion that the carpet is already a lost cause. Both of these schools of thought are wrong however if you call a professional cleaner trained in water damage restoration you may be able to restore your carpet like nothing ever happened.

The best thing you can do is call a water damage restoration specialist as soon as you are aware of the damage don’t wait longer than a few hours to call and here is why:

Avoid Long term structural damage

Carpets were not made to be wet period. Even the use of too much moisture during spot cleaning can cause carpets to stretch and wrinkle making waves in the carpet. This is structural damage. The reason professional cleaners use steam when they do a deep cleaning is to not only kill germs but use the lowest amount of moisture possible to effectively clean the carpets.

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Prevent Mold and Mildew

Mold and Mildew will begin to grow in your carpet very quickly especially in the North Seattle area where there is already moisture in the air. This is a climate prone to mold and mildew. Mold and mildew are dangerous to health and can cause serious illness in you, your family, and your pets. When these harmful substances begin to grow they can spread to other areas of the home and will be impossible to remove from your carpet.

There is hope for your water damaged carpet as long as you move quickly. All Kleen has trained water damage restoration specialists on call 24 hours a day no exceptions for your emergency water damage needs.

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