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The Importance of Professional Hardwood Floor Cleaning

Posted by on May 11, 2018

Polished high-quality hardwood floors are the most popular and sought-after of flooring choices for today’s homeowners and with good reason. Hardwoods add style and value to a home and the materials when cared for properly, can last for years and years to come, but even with the best of in-home care your hardwoods can become scuffed, scraped, and begin to look worn down.The Importance of Professional Hardwood Floor Cleaning

A great way to prolong the need for costly repairs or re-finishing is with professional hardwood cleaning. Expand the life and beauty of your floors while also preserving and protecting them. Read below to discover all the benefits of professional hardwood floor cleaning.

The Value of Professional hardwood floor cleaning

Stand Up Better to Daily Life

Of the many benefits of hiring a professional to clean your hardwood floors, this may be the biggest. Your floors stay clean and beautiful much longer with annual deep cleanings and hold up much better against day to day activities. With time dirt, dust, etc. wear down and grate on floors. A professional clean gets the deepest and most stuck on grime to significantly reduce the grating on floors with daily use.

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Makes Cleaning Easier

Have you ever mopped your floors just to feel like it didn’t make a bit of difference when you got done? Or maybe you feel like you have to mop it more and more often as time goes on. This is because you are past due for a professional deep cleaning . Regular mopping doesn’t get the deepest and toughest dirt and with time this untouched grime will begin to show and make you feel like all your efforts are for nothing. Keep floors cleaner with annual deep cleaning and lighten the mopping load. (but don’t stop mopping altogether)

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Helps a Home Retain Value

Hardwood floors appeal to potential buyers, but what appeals even more to potential buyers is well-kept hardwood floors. We can all agree that when we are looking to make a large purchase on a used item such as a house, car, trailer, antique furniture, art, etc. that the way the owner took care of it is an added bonus to its current condition. It entices us just a bit more to not only by an item that looks like it is in great condition but to know it was well cared for properly and truly is in great condition.

The benefits of hiring a pro to clean the floors are worth the investment, but you want to make sure you are hiring a trustworthy cleaner. To do this make sure you do some research before hiring any cleaner for the first time. Look for online reviews. Ask plenty of questions including: what products do you use and how are your employees trained? Make sure to get a quote and satisfaction guarantee in writing this way you have a solid contract to fall back on should anything happen.

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