The Importance of your Front Door Mat

There are so many benefits to having clean carpet in your home some of those benefits include cleaner air, longer lasting carpet, healthier family environment, and a nicer looking home that helps to create a peaceful and restful atmosphere just to name a few. The biggest factor to keeping your carpet clean is preventative maintenance. Preventative maintenance is simply the prevention of dirt and debris settling into your flooring. One of the biggest and yet most overlooked tools in preventative carpet care is the front door mat.

Most of the dirt on your floor comes from outside sources tracked in on the bottom of shoes. Welcome mats on both sides of the door can aid a lot in keeping outside debris tracked in from shoes off of your carpet. To see the best results from your door mats you should place a durable mat made for scrapping debris from shoes on the outside of the door and a more absorbent mat on the inside of the door. The outside matt should be heavy duty and more akin to a bristle brush while the inside mat should be more like a piece of carpeting. The idea is to have the first mat scrape the larger debris from shoes and the inside mat absorbs the small debris and moisture from fall rains.

A key component to your welcome mats catching debris from the soles of shoes is to keep them clean as well. Mats should be cleaned at least weekly during seasons with stormier weather such as the fall and winter. Outside mats should be swept and inside mats should be vacuumed and of possible put into the washing machine and air dried.

Other key steps in preventative carpet maintenanceinclude proper vacuuming, removal of shoes, and routine deep cleaning. With the right care the life of your carpet can be extended by many years. To help keep your carpet looking its best call the experts at All Kleen.