As technology and scientific research advance so too does the type and quality of carpet offered to today’s consumer. One of the newest and increasingly most popular types of carpet on the market today is Super Soft Carpet.

Super Soft Carpet started to arrive on the retail scene somewhere around the year 2007. The first company to make this carpet wonder was Mohawk. Mohawk emerged on the super soft carpet market offering customers Smart Strand with Dupont Sorona. This carpet boasted a super soft texture giving homeowners a comfier more luxurious addition to their home, but comfort is not the only benefit of this super soft carpet. Smart Strand is made of a continuous filament fiber meaning it is not porous like other carpet fibers and therefore impermeable meaning it can’t absorb liquid making this carpet virtually impossible to stain. The stain fighting capabilities of Smart Strand are backed by a Mohawk lifetime warranty including stain, soil, and pet urine resistance. The dynamic duo of amazingly soft feel and impeccable stain resistance of this carpet have become very popular with consumers for obvious reasons. Smart Strand has become known as “the carpet that sells itself” among retailers.

Since Mohawk came out with the first super soft carpet and it was met with overwhelming popularity by consumers with a 98% satisfaction rating and a hefty endorsement by Better Homes and Gardens more super soft carpets have emerged on the market especially since 2012. Mohawk has even since come out with a softer carpet called Smart Strand Silk.

So you may be thinking by now that this carpet sounds too good to be true that there has got to be some kind of catch with purchasing super soft carpet for your home. In years past longer pile more plush carpets were synonyms for less durability and lower quality. Super soft carpets are just the opposite actually. With proper routine care and maintenance super soft carpet is quite durable and can live up to the life time warranty it comes with.

How do you care for super soft carpet you may ask? The care and maintenance of super soft carpet is actually very similar to that of other carpets. The one big difference is the type of vacuum you use for weekly cleaning. Be sure to choose a vacuum that allows for more air flow not a heavy suction. The best way to ensure you have a super soft carpet friendly vacuum is to check with the warranty and care guidelines from the carpet’s manufacturer.

Even though super soft carpet comes with a lifetime stain resistance warranty claiming that the stain fighting power will never wash away nearly all super soft carpet manufacturers advise that buyers get routine professional deep cleaning at least every 18 months. Though super soft carpet is a stain fighting phenom, it is still key to keep up with regular vacuuming andprofessional cleanings.

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