Mildew is fungus typically gray or white in color and it thrives and grows in moisture, heat, and dirt or built up residue. A perfect environment for mildew is lurking in your bathroom especially in the shower and bathtub areas. Mildew loves the combination of moisture and left behind residue and body oils that hang out in the bathroom. With this perfect combo mildew can grow quickly and before you know it cover a large area of the bathroom leaving an unsightly and worrisome mess.

Mildew is not a healthy bathroom companion. If your skin comes in contact with mildew it can get into your pours and case irritation of the respiratory system.  Contact with mildew can lead to symptoms that are flu like including itchy eyes; fatigue a general sick or “icky” feeling, runny nose, rash and allergic reaction.

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To get rid of mildew there are a number commercial cleaners with harsh solvents that can clean the mildew temporarily. You can also use homemade green solutions that are safer for your family to live and come in contact with. Three household items that are key ingredients of mildew homemade mildew cleaning solutions are borax, tea tree oil, and vinegar.  In some cases even with the most vigorous at hoe cleaning will not prevent mildew from returning.

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You may need to employ the help a professional cleaner to eliminate the mildew in your bathroom and prevent it from returning. A professional cleaner can use super strength eco-friendly cleaning solutions to clean and kill the fungus that is mildew and use a sealant to prevent it from returning. Ideally you should wipe your shower down with a solvent of vinegar and mild dish soap with a warm water rinse. This should be done once weakly but getting into a habit of wiping down the shower after each use is the most ideal.

All Kleen is skilled the deep cleaning and sealing of tile and grout in North Seattle homes to keep the mildew from growing in your bathroom.

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