The Science of Efficient Sweeping

The Science of Efficient Sweeping

Sweeping, it seems pretty simple right? You grab the broom and run it along the floor until you have a pile of yuck that you scoop into the dustpan and then you are done. Well, actually it’s not as simple as that. Doing it this way will result it quite a bit of dirt and gunk left behind on your floors. There is a better method to sweeping, one that ensures the most amount of dirt actually ends up in the dust bin.  

So if you are interested in using the best and most efficient method of sweeping to get your floors as clean as possible follow these easy steps. 

Step One: Have the Best Tools 

Make sure you have a good broom to work with. First of all it needs to be clean and in good shape. You want all of the bristles to be straight and relatively stiff. If your broom has some wonky bristles and looks akin to say a very used toothbrush it is time for a new one.  

Step Two: Sweep with Purpose 

Have a plan for how you will get the task done. Instead of taking on a very large great room or entire floor break it up into smaller chunks. The shorter the distance from start to dirt pile (finish) the more successful of not leaving dirt behind. Take it section by section. Make sure to start with the furthest back corner and sweep your way out of the room. You don’t want to sweep yourself into a corner.  

Step Three: Improve Your Technique 

The longer your strokes the less dirt the broom is actually sweeping into the dirt pile and away into the dustpan. Make shorter and more deliberate strokes to catch debris that gets left behind. Once you are ready to sweep into the dustpan do so then back the pan up just a bit to catch what went under the pan and then pull the dustpan back one more time and grab that annoying line of dirt leftover with a wet paper towel.  

Step Four: Finish Well 

Now that the dirt is in the trash you will want to clean any gunk off your broom with a quick rinse of soap and water and then store your broom with the bristles upright so that the bristles are not being damaged. You can also hang your broom so that the bristles do not touch the floor.  

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