What Are All The Things I Can Clean with Hydrogen Peroxide?

September ushers in many seasons, from the actual season of fall, to back-to-school, football, allergies, and germ/flu/sick season. That last one on the list makes us all want to head for the hills and find a cave somewhere so that we won’t have to interact with other people and catch whatever this year’s highly contagious illness is.  What Are All The Things I Can Clean with Hydrogen Peroxide?

May we suggest a different approach to keeping germs away? Use hydrogen peroxide as a safer disinfectant to kill germs and keep your home clean.  


What is Hydrogen Peroxide 

Hydrogen peroxide is a chemical compound of water and oxygen, H2O2. It is a liquid with no color or odor and when set side by side with water they look exactly the same. Hydrogen has great non-toxic bleaching properties and does an amazing job of killing germs. The every day over the counter varieties you will find on store shelves are 3-6 percent dilutions.  


Uses of Hydrogen Peroxide 

There are so many great uses for hydrogen peroxide from whiting teeth in a paste with baking soda to laundry stain remover. The list is long some of our favorites include mold removal in the bathroom and disinfecting.  


Disinfecting and Cleaning with Hydrogen Peroxide 

Because there are so many ways to clean and disinfect with hydrogen peroxide we compiled a list of some great ways to kill germs with it in your own home.  

  • Icky, dirty, grout: mix together baking soda and hydrogen peroxide until they form an easily spreadable paste. Let it sit on the dirty grout lines for a few minutes and then gently scrub the gunk away. Don’t scrub hard it can scrub away some of the grout.  
  • General Disinfecting Spray: grab a regular brown bottle of the stuff and simply put a spray nozzle in and spray directly on surfaces, let sit for a few minutes so it can do its work on the germs, then rinse away with water. Spray on surfaces like: 
  1. Cutting Boards after cutting raw meat (put in the dishwasher after) 
  1. The kitchen sink especially the drain and disposal 
  1. The toilet ( spray liberally and let sit 10 minutes)  
  1. Bathroom Sinks 
  • Killing Germs after sickness:   

Using a stronger concentration of hydrogen peroxide is a good way to kill germs when someone in your home comes down with the flu or the awful norovirus. You will want to disinfect any areas that the person has come in contact to reduce the chances of anyone else becoming sick. Stronger hydrogen peroxide solutions can be purchased on Amazon. Spray the hydrogen peroxide over surfaces and let it sit for about half an hour giving enough time to kill every last bug then rinse clean.  


Helpful Tips 

  • Always keep hydrogen peroxide in the dark brown bottle it comes in, it is sensitive to light. Exposure to light will change the chemical makeup and render the hydrogen peroxide useless. 
  • Never use anything but a white rag with hydrogen peroxide it can bleach the color out of a rag and might even leave it behind on another surface. 
  • Always test a surface before using hydrogen peroxide if you are unsure of the bleaching power and how it will affect your surface. 
  • NEVER use it on natural stone, it will etch the surface.  


Another great way to keep germs to their lowest possible levels during the sick season is with professional deep cleaning. A professional cleaning will get down to the deepest places and clean and sanitize where you can’t reach. For trustworthy deep carpet cleaning in North Seattle give All Kleen a call.  

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