Things You Must Clean to Get Your Home Ready to Sell

Things You Must Clean to Get Your Home Ready to Sell

When you are getting ready to list your home for sale getting it immaculately clean can be almost as important as hiring the right realtor. A home that is in pristine condition has been proven to sell faster and at or above the listing price, depending on the market. Here are some areas you don’t want to forget when cleaning your home to get it ready to sell.  

Clean the Appliances 

The kitchen is the most used room in the house and because of this it is going to get a ton of attention from buyers. Also because of this, your appliances probably need a good scrub down from frequent use and to be able to be shown in their best possible light. Be super detailed and don’t forget about:  

  • the inside of the microwave 
  • the inside of the dishwasher  
  • the inside of the refrigerator ( we suggest using a bread clip to easily scrape off any stuck on food) 
  • inside of the oven including inside the oven glass 

Cupboard, Cabinets, and Drawers 

No matter if they are kitchen or bathroom organizers, you will want to clean out all of your home’s cabinets and drawers. Don’t just settle for neatly organizing what is inside them. You will want to take everything out of them and thoroughly wipe them all down.  

Clean Every Inch of Your Windows 

Clean windows are essential to a home that feels its cleanest clean. Don’t just pay attention to how the glass looks. Make sure to do a detailed clean of all of the tracks, sills, and framing around the windows as well. If you plan to keep your blinds or curtains up those will need a detailed clean as well.  Things You Must Clean to Get Your Home Ready to Sell


Nothing says dirty and unkept bathroom like dingy grout lines. If you have tile anywhere in your home, the grout will need a serious deep cleaning. If you have the time you could probably do a decent job of cleaning it on your own, but we highly recommend having a professional clean your grout. It will make a huge difference and give the home an almost brand new feel.  

Shower Heads 

We don’t often think about giving a shower head a good scrub down, but we should. It seems like a task that requires a bit of time and a lot of scrubbing. The first part of that statement is true, but if you do it right the scrubbing part doesn’t have to be hard. All you need to do is fill a plastic zipper-top bag with some vinegar and maybe a drop of dishwashing liquid. Fill the bag enough to be able to submerge the crusty parts of the showerhead and secure the bag there with a rubber band. That’s it, now just leave it on and let it do the work for 12 to 24 hours depending on how crusty it is. When you remove it, run the water and give it a quick wipe down.  

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Ceiling Line 

This is where the walls meet the ceiling and create a corner in which dust and cobwebs love to take up residence. You can quickly clean these areas up by running a dusting wand or even a Swiffer floor sweeper over them. While you are at it don’t forget to dust the walls in general, you will be surprised at how much is there.  

Light Fixtures Especially Recessed Lights 

In our own homes we rarely take notice of the things on the ceiling or look up, but when you are checking out a new home you most certainly will. Make sure to clean up light fixtures by dusting them and giving any glass components a good wipe down. Don’t forget about any recessed lighting. Take the time to look into the recessed lights and get all of the gunk in them out.  

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You will be surprised and amazed at how much a professional carpet cleaning can transform an entire room. It doesn’t seem like it, but deep cleaning your carpets can breathe new life and give a very fresh and new feeling to a room. This will speak volumes to buyers about the condition and care the homeowner took for the home.  

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A deeply clean home is proven to sell faster and for more money than a home that is just stuck on the market with no attention to detail. If you are looking for professional cleaning help  get your home ready to sell make an appointment with All Kleen. We offer professional carpet cleaning and more to Snohomish and North King County.