Things You Should Never Suck Up in Your Vacuum

Vacuums are one of the most useful cleaning tools in our homes. They can do a number of helpful cleanup tasks in our homes. No matter how powerful your vacuum is there are some things you should never clean up with your vacuum.  

Glass Things You Should Never Suck Up in Your Vacuum

When cleaning up the glass, sometimes we are tempted to just quickly vacuum it up, especially those super small pieces that seem impossible to get. Those bits of broken glass can damage the insides of your vacuum. Glass can cut open a vacuum bag and cause a big and painstaking to clean the mess on the inside. They can also scratch up the insides of canister vacuums as well as puncture and ruin vacuum hoses.  

The best way to clean up shattered glass is with a broom. Once the large pieces are swept up, come back for the tiny shards with a damp paper towel or piece of bread.  


Water should not be sucked up by a standard home vacuum, leave this job to a Shop-Vac. Not just water should be avoided in an everyday household vacuum, so should anything that is wet. The moisture will get trapped inside the machine and become a prime spot for mold and mildew to grow.  

Got a liquid spill? Grab a trusty microfiber cloth instead to soak it up quick. 


Powdery makeup spilled on the floor can be a pain to get up, but don’t go with your instincts to vacuum it up. Using the beater bar to vacuum it out of the carpet can cause it to be rubbed into the fibers and create a bigger mess. Using the attachment hose is not a way around it either as the makeup could get hot and melt inside the vacuum and that is a very annoying mess to have to clean.  

Instead, look up ways to spot treat a makeup spill.  

At Home Haircut 

If you cut your hair at home (like a growing number of us getting tired of waiting for salons to open up have), do not grab the vacuum to clean up those clippings. Large amounts of hair will clog up the vacuum. Grab for the broom and dustpan to clean up after a haircut. Follow up to get the tiny ones left behind with a wet cloth or mop with removable washable/disposable head.  

Fireplace Ashes and Construction Dust 

Vacuums are intended to suck up fine particles like dirt in the carpet, yes, but they are not built to suck up giant amounts of fine particles such as fireplace ash and sheetrock dust. These jobs are best left to a Shop-Vac. 

Heavy Objects 

Small “heavy” (heavier than typical dust and dirt) objects like coins, Legos, hair clips, etc. should be picked up by hand instead of sucked into the vacuum cleaner.  

Take good care of your vacuum and it will take good care of your floors.  

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