Thoroughly Spring Clean that Living Room

Its spring and that means more hours of daylight, more sunshine peeking through the clouds, and that itch for change. The feeling and longing for change is what brought on the ever popular term of spring cleaning. Keeping a house completely spotless on a daily basis is quite impossible there are just some tasks we can’t and don’t need to do on a daily or weekly basis but they should get done at least once or twice a year. Here are some tips for getting the living room REALLY clean.

-Start with a quick tidy up. Grab a basket, bucket or bag and put things that belong in other rooms in this container to be put in their proper homes later. Grab magazines and remotes and place them neatly on a coffee or side table. Take straggling dishes and drinking glasses to the kitchen.

-Now it’s time to clean let’s start at the top and work our way to the bottom so we don’t have to go back and clean things we just cleaned should dust fall to the ground. Dust the ceiling and corners of walls, time to get those cobwebs out. If you have a ceiling fan dust it as well and any lighting fixtures. Take any removable parts off of light fixtures and give them a wash in warm water and mild dish soap.

-Now is the time to spot clean those walls. If you have paint that is scrubbable like eggshell you should be able to accomplish this easily with a rag and water. Don’t forget switch plates, doors, and knobs as well as door casings.

-Pull all those Knick knacks and picture frames from the shelves and wipe the shelve, the décor items and replace.

-Pull down window coverings and wash according to instructions or send out to be cleaned.

-Give those windows and sills a good wipe down.

-This step may feel tedious but it needs to be done and that’s unplugging everything in the entertainment center and wiping down the dust bunnies that have made a colony back there in the wiring. Don’t forget to take a special electronic screen wipe to that TV.

-Now it’s time for the couch. Pull all the cushions and collect all the larger treasures that have been lost in there such as toys and socks. Pull out the vacuum and upholstery attachment and vacuum away. Replace the cushions and vacuum those as well. Now you are prepared to have the pros come in and deep clean your upholstery.

-Now that everything above ground is clean it is time to pay attention to those floors. Properly vacuum area rugs and carpets. Mop hardwood or tile floors. This will have you all prepared for a professional carpet cleaning. If you have tile you should get a professional tile cleaning and sealing.

-Don’t forget about those indoor and outdoor mats they are your first line of defense to keep dirt off your floors. Clean then according to manufacturer instructions or replace old worn out mats with new ones.

Let All Kleen finish up that spring cleaning with the best in green upholstery, tile, and carpet cleaning. Make an appointment online today!.