Tile Cleaning Secrets from Professional Housecleaners

When it comes to cleaning floors who is better to ask for some tips than the professionals. Here are some great tile cleaning tips compiled from maids to help you keep your floors sparkling between professional tile cleanings.

Cleaning PrepTile Cleaning Secrets from Professional Housecleaners

  • Before mopping always remove all dust and loose debris/dirt form the surface first. Sweep or vacuum the tile to get all dry and loose debris up.
  • Take the hose and crevice attachment and vacuum along baseboards and under cabinets.
  • Make one final vacuum of the floor to be sure all loose debris is off the surface.

Green Tile Cleaning Method

All Kleen uses green cleaning products and believes it is important to use safe cleaning products without harsh chemicals to keep your tile clean and your home environment healthy.

  • Mix a green mopping solution using equal parts water and vinegar in a bucket, making sure to use the hottest water possible.
  • Fill a second bucket with clean warm water to rinse the floor after it has been cleaned to avoid a film that attracts more dirt.
  • Place your mop in the bucket and wring it out as much as possible before placing it on the floor.
  • Begin by moving the mop side to side and then in the opposite direction. This will ensure you get every part of the grout lines clean.
  • If you have a large amount of tile floor to clean you will want to change your mop buckets with fresh cleaning solution and rinsing water.
  • Once you are finished rinsing the floor avoid walking across the floor until it is dry.

You may also choose to put the cleaning solution in a spray bottle and use a mop similar to a swiffer model or burn more calories by placing clean cloths on the floor and using your legs as a mop. Just make sure that you are following up by rinsing the solution off the floor. Leaving solution on the floor will attract more dirt to your floors and leave them dirtier than when you began.

Make sure to mop every couple of weeks in low traffic areas and once a week or more in high traffic areas or if your home is mostly hard surface flooring.

If you are in need of a professional tile cleaning make an appointment with All Kleen we can get your floors looking like new again.