Time to Clean the Doormats

Door mats are a very helpful way to eliminate a lot of dirt that hangs out on the soles of the bottom of our shoes from getting on the floors inside our homes. In order for rugs to work they need to be cleaned on a regular basis. A rug full of dirt and debris will only spread more dirt and debris. Read ahead to see how you can keep your doormat clean and in peak condition.

First of all before we get into how to keep your door mats functioning properly we want to quickly go over choosing the correct mats in the first place. Choosing the correct mat will reduce the time you take cleaning the floors in your home. A key factor in choosing a mat is the size. For a mat to be effective at removing dirt from the soles of shoes it should be longer than an average stride in other words it should be long enough to walk across with both feet before entering your home. The width should be no longer than that of the door it is in front of. It is best to have both a mat on the outside of the door as well as one on the inside of the door. Choose a good sturdy outdoor rubber mat and a shoe brush or wire rack that goes underneath for wet and muddy climates like ours here in Western Washington. For inside it is best to get a sturdy rubber backed acrylic mat for the most durability and easy maintenance.

Speaking of mat maintenance let’s get back to that.

Weekly- On a weekly basis you will want to shake your doormats both indoor and outdoor mats. This can be done by simply taking the rug outside and into the yard or driveway and giving it a good shake to loosen the debris.

Monthly- For indoor mats you will want to vacuum your mat thoroughly. This will get any dirt that has embedded itself into the fibers of your indoor mat that shaking alone can’t get out.

Twice a Year or Seasonally- Follow the care instructions for your mat and give it a good cleaning. Most outdoor mats can be rinsed off with the hose. If you have some caked on mud or other spots you may want to use a small amount of dish soap. Indoor mats with stains can be spot cleaned with some mild dish soap and warm water.

It is a good idea to replace door mats when they begin to show signs of wear and tear. A broken down mat will not do its best to keep dirt out of the home.

Mats do a lot to keep the dirt from the bottom of your shoes from reaching your floors and carpets inside your home but it is still important to care for your carpets with regular deep cleanings. For the best in carpet and tile cleaning in Snohomish County and North Seattle make an appointment with All Kleen online!.