Tips for Finding Spot Treatments on the Internet

When you encounter a small spot or spill on your carpet or upholstery you most likely are not going to call in a professional right away to have it cleaned. You will probably turn to the internet and stick “ how to get _______ out of ________” into the search engine. If your spill is small you don’t want to spend your hard earned dollars calling in the pros if you don’t have to, not when there is a world of knowledge out there on the world wide web. When it comes to cleaning/treating spots, spills, and stains you want to remember the golden rule of the internet: don’t fall into the “its on the internet so it must be true;” trap.Tips for Finding Internet Spot Treatments

Not every tip or cleaning solution you are told to try in an internet article is going to work because the article says it will. Don’t expect that because something is written and posted on a web page that the person writing it is an authority on the matter. Here are some things to remember as you search for a spot treatment on the internet:

Where to Search

If you are searching a solution to a particular problem the best place to look is the website of a company that specializes in solving said problem. If you want to clean a carpet check out a professional carpet cleaning website, many times you will find a spot treatment page or a blog with cleaning tips. If you have a computer problem it would be best to seek out a computer repair company’s website for a quick fix or a trouble shooting page.

Not every company will have a tips page though so there are a few other internet hubs of information you can try should your search for a company specializing in the problem come up short. YouTube and Pinterest are good places to find information on home remedies.

Read More Than One Article

A good way to know if you have found a cleaning solution that works is to look at several different articles or videos of ways to clean the stain. If there are multiple videos and articles using the same cleaning solution and method to clean this is a good indicator that the solution just might work.


When you find a spot treatment for your stain be sure to test it on an unseen area of the piece you are cleaning. For carpets this could be the corner of a closet. For an upholstered piece of furniture the back seam of a cushion. It is always good to be safe with any new cleaning solution you try. You want to test how the solution will react to the fabric you are cleaning. If there is no adverse reaction to your test application you are ready to try the solution on the stain.

There are many great tips for spot treatments to be found on the internet. Be sure to do your research and be cautious with testing and follow directions carefully.

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