Tips for Keeping Homes Fresh with Multiple Pets

Tips for Keeping Homes Fresh with Multiple Pets

Pets, they bring us joy, comfort, and make us laugh. So when it comes to having them, the more the merrier right? With more joy and more furry friends comes more activity and it leads to more mess (the same is true of more humans) and more smells in the home. So if you are a pet owner with more than one pet in your home, how do you keep things as clean and fresh as possible? Read on to find out.

Consistent Grooming

Just like humans need daily grooming, so do pets. Where it differs is a pet only needs a bath about once a week to keep their fur fresh smelling and clean so that musty unwashed pet smell doesn’t begin to take over your home. The daily part comes in with brushing. Pets should be brushed for a few minutes every day to help keep large amounts of fur from hanging out in the carpet, furniture, and corners of rooms with hard surface floors.

Robot Vacuum

If you have better things to do than vacuum ever day or even multiple times a day a robot vacuum to do the work for you without taking time out of your day is a good investment. You can set the vacuum to run on a schedule and run it through an app on your phone. It will do all the work and should it need any assistance, such as cleaning or maintenance, it will alert you through the app.

Rubber Gloves and a Rubber Broom

To get the fur that does build up in carpets, soft surfaces like upholstery, and corners use rubber gloves and/or a rubber broom. The static electricity the rubber items generate easily attracts each hair and easily grabs it and lifts it away.

Additionally a rubber broom can be used to work baking soda into soft surfaces for extra stinky areas. This works really well on areas of the carpet where pets love to lay down. Just let the baking soda sit for several minutes to hours to absorb whatever is causing the odor and then vacuum thoroughly away.

Air Purifier

An air purifier can be extremely helpful to keep smelly things out of the air. Have a room with a litter box? Put an air purifier in there to make it seem like there isn’t one. The air purifier will not just get rid of smells but harmful things hanging out in your air like mold, viruses, and allergens. It will keep all humans and furry friends healthier as an added bonus.

Routine Deep Cleaning

Do not neglect to have things professionally deep cleaned at least once a year. Professional cleaning with high quality truck mounted equipment is the only way to get everything that hangs out in the deepest hidden areas of tile grout, natural stone pores, the cracks between hardwood planks, and carpet out. Deep cleaning is important even when you do not have pets.

For professional deep cleaning, you can trust to keep your home full of humans and animals fresh make an appointment online or over the phone with All Kleen. We clean carpets in Mountlake Terrace and surrounding areas.