Tips for Keeping Thanksgiving Dinner off the Floor

Hosting the big Thanksgiving feast in your home is a brave endeavor that can come with many benefits if you use plenty of smart preparation. The more planning you do ahead of time the less stress and more time you will have to enjoy one of the best days of the year with your guests.  

Tips for Keeping Thanksgiving Dinner off the Floor

One thing you do not want to forget about in your planning for the main event is the possibility of food on your floors. On a regular day in your home at dinner time, things probably hit the floor once in a while. Exponentially increase the amount of food and people in your home for dinner and you have also exponentially increased the chance of having a spill/stain or two on your floor.  

Here are some tips to help keep that Thanksgiving feast off the floor and inside happy bellies.  

  • Get a Professional Cleaning BEFORE the Big Day 

That’s right we said before. Most people call in a cleaner after hosting a big event, which is smart, but not many people think of having a cleaning before in preparation for a big event. Not only will your home be clean, inviting, and impressive to your guests, you can have the cleaners apply a stain guard to help you more easily clean any accidental stains. Remember: stain guards help to repel stains when they happen but do not prevent a stain from soaking in forever, it is still important to clean a stain as soon as possible.  

  • Have a Cleaning Kit Ready 

With a higher chance of a spill happening it is a good idea to just expect that it will happen and be ready for it when it does. The best offense is a great defense right? Get an empty cleaning tote and load it up with some stain-fighting tools. Great things to include in your spot cleaning kit are: plenty of clean white cloths, plain white paper towels, vinegar, hand dishwashing soap, small mixing bowl, an empty spray bottle, or a favorite stain remover or pre-mixed homemade stain remover.  

  • Be Mindful During the Festivities 

While preparing the feast, take a clean as you go approach. The less stuff left out everywhere, the less chance there is to spill something, accidentally knock something over, or trip over something. Take a quick minute to grab plates off the table while everyone is talking and finished eating to reduce the likelihood of something being spilled off the table. If something is accidentally spilled during dinner, just quickly grab the spot cleaning kit you have ready to go and get it cleaned right away. The more quickly a stain is treated the better the chance of its removal.  

  • Don’t Leave the Big Clean-Up to Tomorrow 

After a long day of hosting and everything you have been planning for coming to an end, you will want to just plop into the couch and enjoy some Christmas movies. The mess can wait till morning right? The best plan of attack is to muscle through and get everything cleaned up the same night. As things get cleaned up and put away you may just find a spill or two you didn’t notice before while everything was out. You don’t want to let those sit overnight.  

  • Call in Some Help 

Even with your best efforts you may find that a spill is impossible to clean despite your best efforts to remove it. The next plan of attack is to call in a professional cleaner to help get out any stubborn stains and get your home back in top shape.  

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