House cleaning is one of those things that just seems daunting at times, it’s always there and it can be difficult to feel like you are ahead of the cleaning game because everyday life gets in the way. Once we have accomplished a big cleaning task we feel great and like we have conquered something amazing until the next time it needs to be cleaned again. Here are some tips to keep things tidy and keep the home clean longer until the next big clean up.  

  • Do Short Power Cleaning Sessions Tricks to Keep Your Home Clean Longer

Most cleaning jobs aren’t hard they are just time-consuming. Avoid huge time-consuming tasks by nipping messes in the bud to stay on top of them. Commit to fitting in 15-minute mini cleaning sessions into your daily routine to tackle problem areas. For example, spot-clean the kitchen floor or wipe down the kitchen counters every night before bed.

  • Leave Dirt at the Door

Keep carpets much much cleaner by removing your shoes when you get home. A no shoe policy in the house drastically cuts down the amount of dirt on your floors. Also, place quality mats on both the inside and outside of exterior doors. This will cut down on your need to mop and even vacuuming down to once a week.

  • Strategically Placed Storage

We all have those spots in our home where things just accumulate like the dining room table or the living room. Consider adding extra storage to have a place to put these things like a mail bin next to the table or some baskets on the stairs for things that need to be put away in rooms.

  • Keep Fido Fresh

Pet dander is one of those things that builds up quickly and can become a daunting task to take on, especially in the summer when dogs shed most. Stay on top of pet grooming to keep shedding down to a minimum. Brush your furry family member regularly or even just rub your pooch down with  a micro fiber towel every few days to reduce dander buildup.

  • Clever Decorating

Spills and stains are inevitable especially with busy families. Choose durable fabrics made to stand up to busy lifestyles and stains. Carpet tiles are much easier to spot clean than traditional wall to wall carpets. Choose fabrics with patterns because they have sort of a camouflage effect on stains. Patterned carpet is trending big right now so as an added bonus you will have the most stylish home.

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