After many years of use, carpets begin showing wear and tear and become visibly tired and maybe even ratty. Carpet does not last forever, but it does last longer when it’s properly maintained and cared for. The better care you give your carpet the better performance you will get out of it, you may even be surprised to find it might last longer than you expected it to.

Follow these steps to give your carpet a longer lifespan: Tricks to Help Your Carpet Live Longer

Leave Shoes at the Door

Shoes are one of the main sources of dirt carried into your home. It is surprising and sometimes frightening what the soles of our shoes come in contact with every day. Those very things get carried around with you and return home to be deposited on your floors when you walk across them.

Dirt is the biggest enemy of your carpet. Dirt particles act like sand paper to rub and grate against your carpet fibers. The particles slowly break down your carpet over time. The best way to defend against dirt is to keep as much of it out of your home as possible. One of the best ways to dramatically reduce the dirt that comes into your home is by removing your shoes at the door.

If you don’t like to walk around with out something on your feet have a basket on hand at the door with slippers or warm fuzzy slipper socks to put on after you take your shoes off.

Proper Vacuuming

The best thing you can do on your own to keep your carpet looking new is to vacuum it properly and regularly. Did you know there is a right way and a not so beneficial way to vacuum your carpet, and that most people do it incorrectly?

When you vacuum you want to make sure you have a clean and empty canister or bag before you start. Vacuum in rows just like you would when mowing a lawn. When you pull the machine back toward you go slower. This is where the vacuum is going to pick up most of the debris. Going too quickly will not be beneficial. Make sure to overlap the vacuum a little on the rows the same as you would when mowing grass to not miss a spot. Vacuum in the opposite direction the next time you clean the carpet. Do this on a regular basis not sporadically to keep the most dirt possible out of your floors. High traffic areas such as stairs and hallways should be vacuumed 2-4 times in a week.

Clean Spills When They Happen

Chances are something will be spilled on the carpet at some point in its lifetime, even if you take every precaution possible. Spills are not 100% preventable, but many of them can be cleaned with simple home remedies if you take care of them as soon as they happen. The longer a stain is allowed to sit the longer it has to sink into the fibers and permanently attach to them. The best treatment for a stain depends on what was spilled. Take a look at our home remedies page for the best cleaning agents to use on different spills.

Move the Furniture

This may sound a bit odd but it really does help prolong the life of your carpet. Furniture is heavy and can put a good amount of stress on the floors. Indentations begins to occur over time. To prevent crushing carpet fibers move your furniture every 6 months or so; even if its just a few inches.

Consult the Owner’s Manual

This may seem overkill ,but it is duly important. It is good to know what fibers are in your carpet and the best way to care for them. This information can be found in the owner’s manual. You can also find the best professional cleaning method suggested for your type of carpet and some great spot cleaning tips.

Regular Professional Deep Cleaning

Even if you take the best care of your carpets by removing your shoes and vacuuming well on a regular basis there will still be dirt that accumulates in your floors over extended periods of time. To get the dirt that goes way deep into the fibers where the vacuum can no longer reach you will need to call a professional carpet cleaner. Only a professional will have powerful enough equipment to get all that deep down debris that goes almost unnoticed. It is suggested that you have your carpet cleaned at least once a year.

The best way to prolong the life of your carpet is to give it the best care possible. Great care will have your carpets lasting longer than their life expectancy. Give All Kleen a call to help you prolong the life of your carpet. You can also make an appointment online.

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