Tricks For Hiding Stains Until the Pros Arrive

The carpet is looking a little dingy and it is definitely time to call in a professional carpet cleaner to get it in shape again, but you have guests to entertain before you can fit in a carpet cleaning. You don’t want your guests to notice your tired floors and you begin to stress. How can you give the carpet a quick refresh just to get you through the night?

Here are some methods for hiding stains until the carpet cleaners arrive.  Tricks For Hiding Stains Until the Pros Arrive

Spot Treatment of Warm Soapy Water

If your carpet has some dark patches it may need a simple spot treatment. A simple solution of warm water and a bit of gentle dish soap like Dawn can help. Make sure you test any new solution on an unseen area of carpet first. Also make sure not to over wet the carpet with the spot treatment solution. This treatment will not clean deep down stains below the surface, but it can significantly clean any surface dirt.

Vinegar and Baking Powder Treatment

This power combo of natural ingredients is a popular green cleaning method for many different stains. It is great on carpet as well. Mix up the vinegar and baking powder and apply it to the stain. Cover the stain and solution with a lint free white cloth that is slightly damp. Get out the iron and with a medium to low setting and steam iron, over the damp cloth. Lift the damp cloth and the stain should be transferred to the cloth. If  more stain remains repeat with a new clean piece of the cloth.

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Hide Them

When all else fails simply hiding an area of the carpet that is looking dingy works wonders. It is not uncommon to have more soil or stains around tables, sofas, and chairs. Moving a piece of furniture just slightly to cover up the dingy areas of the floor will work in a pinch.

When a stain is smack in the middle of the floor you will need to use more creative hiding techniques, like strategically placing a rug over the stain. You may even find that you love the rug and keep it there full time.

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If you feel your carpet has some embarrassing or difficult stains don’t wait, give your professional carpet cleaner a call. All Kleen can get your carpet back to its best shape and we wont make you wait forever to get an appointment. Make an appointment online.