The holidays bring so many things and much excitement. There is gift giving and receiving, children’s school pageants, community light displays and shows, pictures with Santa, parties, family gatherings and more. While you may be gearing up and becoming giddy for the holiday hullabaloo your carpets may be dreading the high amounts of guests and foot traffic that parties and family get togethers bring. More guests means more mess in the form of tracked in dirt and mud and accidental spills.

Here are some tricks you can use to keep the mess at a minimum.

Leave Shoes at the Door.

If you are having a more relaxed and casual gathering why not ask guests to leave shoes at the door? Did you know that most of the dirt on your home’s floors comes from dirt tracked in on the soles of shoes? Grab a nice big decorative basket and adorn a sign on it asking guests to deposit shoes at eh door. You can even go a step further by making your guests feel warm and cozy with some nice fluffy slippers for guest use.


Rugs are great way to protect your carpets especially in high traffic areas. There are some great area rugs that help bring in festive décor for the season. Rugs are not just great to protect floors during the holidays they are nice all year long and a great area rug can add a lot the overall style and décor of the room. It is much simpler and cheaper to replace a rug or send it out to be cleaned should a major spill occur.

More Frequent Vacuuming

Vacuuming is a huge defense in the buildup of dirt and debris on your carpets. During the holidays when your home sees more guests that usual it is a good idea to bring out the vacuum cleaner more often.

Professional Cleaning

Before those festivities begin call in the pros to get your home holiday party ready. A good professional deep cleaning of your carpets can get them looking almost brand new and usher in a bright clean atmosphere ready to receive guests. The pros can also apply a stain guard to your carpets so that when spills happen they will be much easier to clean, another great trick to protect your carpet during the holiday season.

All Kleen is ready to prepare your North Seattle or Snohomish County area home for all your holiday gatherings.

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