What is Truck-Mounted Carpet Cleaning?

If you are searching for a professional carpet cleaner you may have heard of a few of the different types of professional carpet cleaning methods available. During this search you have probably heard the words truck mounted carpet cleaning. What does this mean, and how does carpet relate to trucks?What is Truck-Mounted Carpet Cleaning?

Truck mounted carpet cleaning simply refers to the type of equipment the professional carpet cleaner uses. Truck mounted professional carpet cleaning equipment is powered by a motor vehicle, a truck or van. These cleaning systems can offer more pressure and suction through the use of stronger equipment than can be plugged into a wall.

There are a few different types of truck mounted carpet cleaning equipment systems. Some cleaners will have a truck mounted system that is removable from the vehicle and can be moved from vehicle to vehicle. Some truck mounted systems are permanently mounted to the vehicle that carries the equipment.


The benefits of hiring a professional carpet cleaner with a truck mounted system are numerous. Truck mounted carpet cleaning systems offer the best in hot water extraction cleaning services. Hot water extraction is the best type of professional carpet cleaning methods for your floors. This is why carpet manufacturers recommend hot water extraction in their warranties when you purchase a new carpet. Hot water extraction uses less water and simultaneously injects cleaning solution into the carpets while sucking it back out at a rapid rate. This allows for less drying time as well and leaves carpets with less risk of being over saturated.

What to Look for

One thing to look out for when hiring a professional carpet cleaner that uses hot water extraction, is to do your homework on the cleaning company your hire. Not every carpet cleaning company with a truck and large machine is going to give you the best care and amazing results. There are carpet cleaning companies out there with cleaners who are not properly trained in cleaning technique and can easily ruin your floors by using too much solution and water. You want to make sure you hire a company with experienced technicians and honest service that is backed by a satisfaction guarantee.

Look for a carpet cleaning company that is recommended by a friend and has good reviews on their website and other third party websites. If you have never hired them before don’t be afraid to ask questions about their cleaning process, what is in the solutions they use, the type of equipment they have, the breakdown of their pricing, and their satisfaction guarantee along with anything else you can think of or want to know. A reputable carpet cleaner will be patient and courteous and happy to answer all your questions.

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